Mark Shapiro

Mark Shapiro on Tales of a Red Clay Rambler

Mark Shapiro on Tales of a Red Clay Rambler

PODCAST: Tales of a Red Clay Rambler

Hosted by Ben Carter

featuring Mark Shapiro

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Mark Shapiro, Artist Portrait, 2020, Photo by Carol Lollis

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DONALD CLARK: Selections from his Collection On View

DONALD CLARK: Selections from his Collection On View

Donald Clark: Selections from his Collection On View

Beatrice Wood, Akio Takamori, Sergei Isupov

Beyond Function:
Contemporary Ceramics from the Donald Clark Collection

June 21–September 2, 2018
D’Amour Museum of Fine Arts
Springfield Museums, Springfield, MA

An exhibit of extraordinary works from the extensive private collection of Donald Clark. Varying in scale, shape and color, the contemporary ceramics on view represent different modes of creation that are thoughtful, vibrant, and artful.  The pieces range from functional vessels to works that move beyond function into the realm of sculpture.

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Donald Clark

Donald Clark began collecting ceramics in the 1970s. He continued to build his collection based on relationships with artists during his over 30 years of experience through Ferrin Gallery and P!NCH. Clark’s current project is as the Research Manager for The Marks Project, an online searchable database, documenting the marks of makers working in America from 1946–present. He is also an integral part of the Collector Services offered by by Ferrin Contemporary.
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Mark Shapiro

Handmade pottery exploded in America after WWII. Studio potters, in dialogue with clay and fire, produced objects that embodied their unique individual voices, while serving as vessels for everyday sustenance. Studio pots bring the sublime to the daily activity of eating and drinking. This talk will explore how the Donald Clark Collection illuminates the rise of the Studio Pottery movement as well as pottery’s dynamic presence in the local culture of the Connecticut River Valley.

Presented by Mark Shapiro, potter, writer, mentor, director of Apprenticelines, and founding member of POW! (Pots on Wheels)
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Chris Antemann, Chuck Aydlett, Mary Barringer, Bayless Hayne, Bennett Bean, Russell Biles, Posey Bocopopolus, Jessica Brandl, Sara Bressem, Mark Burns, Linda Christenson, Sam Chung, Burnadette Curran, Paul Dresang, Leslie Ferrin, Angela Fina, Vern Funk, Julia Galloway, Steven Godfrey, Krista Greco, Megan Hart, Mark Hewitt, Sergei Isupov, Michael Kline, Ben Krupka, Steve Young Lee, Peter Lenzo, Jeffrey Lipton, Maya Machin, Lisa Mandelkern, Michael McCarthy, Donna McGee, Lorna Meaden, Matthew Metz, Ron Meyers, Sequoia Miller, Hannah Niswonger, Kip O’Krongly, Lisa Orr, Liz Quackenbush, Mary Roehm, Justin Rothshank, Kathleen Royster, Mark Shapiro, Jane Shellenbarger, Linda Sikora, Michael Simon, Mara Superior, Akio Takamori, Sam Taylor, Kurt WeiserBeatrice Wood


Hilltown Open Studios Tour (HOST)
June 23–24, 2018

26 artists show their work in 24 locations in the Hillltowns of Western Mass.

Mara Superior is the featured artist at Project Art.

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