HORIZON: Landscapes, Ceramics and Prints

Horizon: Landscapes, Ceramics and Print

June 14, 2013 – April 24, 2014
National Museum, Decorative Arts Collection, Oslo, Norway

The exhibition ‘Horizon – Landscapes, Ceramics and Print’ is a visual narrative, illustrating the journey of landscapes, images and patterns through differing media to their realisation on the blue, black, pink, white tableware of The National Museum’s Decorative Arts Collection.

Woven into the display of historical ceramics (including objects from Egersund, Rörstrand, Spode, Arabia) are etchings, engravings and lithographs, as well as objects made by contemporary artists who appropriate this historical genre to observe, record, comment and re-animate. The result is an unexpected journey through cultures, politics, histories and geographies – one that invites us to see a whole group of objects in a new way.

The exhibition includes artists such as:

Stephen Bird (Australia)
Stephen Bowers (Australia)
Robert Dawson (UK)
Leopold Foulem (Canada)
Maria Geszler (Hungary)
Trine Hovden (Norway)
Garth Johnson (USA)
Felix Hug (Switzerland)
Laura McKibbon (Canada)
Carol McNicoll (UK)
Paul Scott (UK)
Richard Shaw (USA)
Caroline Slotte (Finland)
Anne Line Sund (Norway)
Marit Tingleff (Norway)
Gerry Wedd (Australia)
Magdalena Gerber (Czech Republic)

Curator: Paul Scott in collaboration with Inger Helene Stemshaug and Knut Astrup Bull (The National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design)