CRYSTAL MOREY: Venus on the Waves

September 21- November 2nd, 2019

Opening reception: Saturday, September 21, 5-7pm

Join us in Crystal Morey’s solo exhibition, ”Venus on the Waves”, as she introduces a new collection of porcelain sculpture, exploring elements of art history and our connection to today’s changing natural world.

Through human consumption, climate change, and habitat loss, we feel a shift in our environment and a responsibility to care for the living creatures around us. Crystal’s delicate porcelain works highlight these precarious connections and our role of responsibility, in advocating for and protecting our most vulnerable species. Her sculptures elicit a narrative of human, plant and animal relationship and interdependence that cultivates empathy and encourages balance in our changing natural habitat.

“Venus on the Waves”, is a continuation of these environmental interests, while also emphasizing a parallel to art history, and the ways we have depicted nature throughout time. Inspired by 18th century painting, sculpture and porcelain of Europe, Crystal’s works share in the decadence of the Baroque era with a romanticism of nature, physical charm, and ornate, decorative qualities. With a special emphasis on female art historical archetypes and their relationship to the natural world, “Venus on the Waves”, echoes the whimsy and enchantment of Baroque tradition, while also reflecting our environmental narrative of today.


Crystal Morey: Demonstration Workshop

September 20 – 22, 2019

at PROJECT ART in Cummington, MA

Register here.


Crystal Morey: Artist Talk

Friday, September 20, 7pm

at PROJECT ART in Cummington, MA

open to the public

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