Paul Scott’s Valuable Lessons, Arteidolia, December 2019

Paul Scott’s Valuable Lesson


by Lyn Horton, December 2019

“Artists are compelled in days, months and years of global confusion to apply their own language to construct their individual perspectives for the purpose of clarifying and pointing out for an audience, most often specifically, what is happening.

Ceramic artist, an Englishman from Cumbria, Paul Scott has seized upon the opportunity to fulfill that purpose. Scott is thoroughly versed in the history and the studio actualization of transferware. Transferware is so close to our existence that we can barely notice it. It is the art form that has become the “souvenir” to make memories of places tangible. These objects can be collected and displayed to document one’s travels, experiences, and predilections…”

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Paul Scott, “Scott’s Cumbrian Blue(s), New American Scenery, Belle Island Bridge, Detroit” 2019, in-glaze screen print (decal) on salvaged Syracuse China with pearlware glaze, 11 x 11 x 1″.