MADE IN CHINA, a curated series of exhibitions and talks, examines the contemporary, ceramic-centric exchange between eastern and western artists and markets.











MADE IN CHINA reveals a dynamic relationship —
with appropriation 
and collaboration occurring
in both directions.

Marked by ever-increasing cross-cultural collaboration, this contemporary ceramics movement emerging from China is urging a re-definition of today’s export ware. With increasing frequency, western artists are traveling to China to produce ceramic work using traditional Chinese methods. Exhibitions in the United States, Australia, and Europe are bringing forward a new generation of export ware. In the summer of 2014, Leslie Ferrin travelled to Hong Kong, Chongqing, Jindezhen, and Shanghai to explore this growing cultural exchange. She participated in and lectured at workshops, visited galleries and museums, and toured studios where western artists work in collaboration with skilled Chinese artisans.

In this exhibition, Ferrin brings together work that reveals the essential aspects of contemporary ceramics currently coming out of China.

“After my visit to China, it was clear that this growing movement of western artists engaging with Chinese artisans to provide works for international markets was urging a contemporary re-definition of export ware. It is a dynamic relationship with appropriation and collaboration occurring in both directions, and we are fortunate that we will be able to truly explore the relationship, multiple exhibitions over the coming year.”– Leslie Ferrin






Featuring works by Julie Bartholomew, Caroline Cheng, Sam Chung, Future Retrieval (Katie Parker & Guy Michael Davis), Sin-ying Ho, Garth Johnson, Paul Mathieu, Paul Scott, Robert Silverman, and Vipoo Srivilasa

321 East 73rd Street NEW YORK, NY

ARTIST & CURATOR LECTURES Friday, January 23, 2015

12 noon Paul Scott
Duchess, Dogs, Detroit, Dragons, Handles and Cherrypickers: Re-Animating theTransferware Archives of an Industry with Paul Scott, Artist, Author and Researcher and Professor at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts Norway. Followed by a book signing of Scott’s new book, Horizon, Transferware and Contemporary Ceramics

2 p.m. Leslie Ferrin
Made in China: New Export-ware from Jingdezhen with Leslie Ferrin, Director Ferrin Contemporary.

4 p.m. Garth Johnson
I’m So Fancy: Young Artists Take On Historical Ceramics with Garth Johnson, Curator of the Arizona State University Ceramics Research Center and Director-at-Large of the National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts (NCECA).



Inspired by her recent travels in China, MADE IN CHINA  is curated by Ferrin Contemporary Director Leslie Ferrin. See images from Ferrin’s travels below or click here for the full gallery on scene + seen.

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Sponsored as a guest lecturer by the Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, Ferrin traveled to China in June and July 2014 with the aim of gaining a greater understanding of the cross-cultural collaboration, production, and appropriation occurring in the New Export Ware movement. During her visit, Ferrin visited ceramic workshops in Jingdezhen and Chongqing, where – similar to the historical model of export ware – skilled Chinese artisans, produce contemporary works for Western markets under the direction of visiting Western artists.

“After my visit to China, it was clear that this growing movement of Western artists engaging with Chinese artisans to provide works for international markets was urging a contemporary re-definition of export-ware,” says Ferrin. “It is a dynamic relationship with appropriation and collaboration occurring in both directions, and we are fortunate that we will be able to truly explore the relationship, with multiple exhibitions over the coming year.”

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