WCU Fine Art Museum at Western Carolina University| Culowhee, NC |August 13 – December 6, 2024

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at Hillwood Estate, Museum & Gardens | Washington, D.C. | June 10, 2023 – Jan 14, 2024

“Transparent or opaque, fragile yet impervious, glass has inspired artists and designers, stimulated scientists and engineers, and captivated collectors with its beauty and practicality. Hillwood founder Marjorie Merriweather Post was no exception, and she amassed over 1,600 pieces of glass, created in the 17th-20th centuries in China, Western Europe, Russia, and the United States. This special exhibition will highlight this lesser-known aspect of Hillwood’s collection, featuring a range of styles and techniques, while placing the historic creations in dialogue with astounding contemporary artworks.

Contemporary pieces on loan for the exhibition, by artists Karen LaMonte, Tim Tate, Joyce Scott, Beth Lipman, Fred Wilson, and Debora Moore, will highlight the enduring fascination with glass and developments in the landscape of glass art. Works by artists Karen LaMonte and Joyce Scott will speak to Post’s love for beadwork and fashion, while a sculpture by Beth Lipman will replace a historic table collected by Post. Enchanting glass flowers and orchids by Debora Moore are juxtaposed with Hillwood’s fresh flower arrangements on view.” — Hillwood Estate, Museum & Gardens


More on Beth Lipman HERE

“Miles’ Law is a new large-scale work designed to investigate Marjorie Merriweather Post’s use of diplomacy to bridge political, cultural, and societal divides. The sculpture is a rumination on Rufus Miles’s phrase, ‘Where you stand depends on where you sit,’ and explores how one’s view of a situation is shaped by one’s relationship to it. Post deftly employed domestic rituals that literally “brought people to the table” such as dinner parties and other social functions to subtly persuade disparate individuals to empathize with another point of view.” — Beth Lipman


Hillwood Museum’s ‘Glass’: More than just a pretty vase

Review by Mark Jenkins | June 26, 2023