Sergei Isupov, "Miss Comet", 2022 Installation, Project Art, Cummington, MA Photo by John Polak Photography.

Sergei Isupov & Kadri Pärnamets: MISS COMET | Cummington, MA

Public Installation

The mosaic sculpture “Miss Comet” landed at Project Art in summer of 2022. 

Designed by Sergei Isupov, the 9’ sculpture was fabricated and completed in collaboration with artist Kadri Parnamets. Now a permanent installation in front of their studio at Project Art on Main Street, in Cummington, MA, the couple engaged with the local community throughout the process. 

The sculpture was conceived for a grant funded public art project “Reflections” to create new works reflecting on the land and history of the area. Working in late spring of 2022, they received donations, visited the shard piles at studios of local potters and produced fabricated elements to articulate the figural features. Throughout the process, unwanted, forgotten, chipped, broken plates and other treasures, including “mudsharked” river shards were left at the sculpture’s base to be incorporated. Each donation came with tales of family histories, prior ownership, unfortunate demise or abandonment. Part archaeology, part commemoration, each object tells a story and provided an opportunity to reflect on the present and history in this small but deeply connected community in the Western Massachusetts, Berkshires region. 

The sculpture is located at 54 Main Street, Cummington, MA 01026 and visible to the public. 

Ceramic shards include fragments of work by Michael McCarthy, Paul Scott, Mark Shapiro, Eric Smith, Mara Superior, and Connie Talbot.

Sergei Isupov and Kadri Pärnamets
ceramic shards and mixed media
82 x 64 x 22”

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Permanent Public Art Mosaic Sculpture by Sergei Isupov & Kadri Pärnamets

Ferrin Contemporary at Project Art | Cummington, MA