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KNOW JUSTICE | Justin and Brooke Rothshank

KNOW JUSTICE | Justin and Brooke Rothshank


September 10-November 12, 2016 | 1315 MASS MoCA Way, North Adams, MA


KNOW JUSTICE presents a two-person show by Justin and Brooke Rothshank focusing on American politics, the Supreme Court, and presidential history. Brooke’s miniature watercolor portraits are complemented by Justin’s decal-printed tableware.

“We believe that artwork and creativity are a catalyst for social change and economic improvement as well as enhancing everyday lives with beauty. Art gives a voice to the voiceless, enables self understanding, and provides a window into other cultures. These are among the reasons we have chosen to pursue lives as working artists.”

“We’ve grown up and live in a Mennonite community where simplicity, functionality, craftsmanship, and knowledge have been valued and taught. These values have shaped our personal and professional lives. At times, its been difficult to see where fine art and craft fit within this context, but these have also felt like important themes to fall back on.”

“This show is about a general introduction of the Supreme Court Justices, and our country’s long history of elected government leadership. The supreme court has shaped the laws of our country for generations. Perhaps more now than ever before the court has become part of the context of political and social conversation. Knowing these leaders, how they lean politically, who appointed them, and what they stand for is a way to start a conversation about how justice is shaped in our country.

“This show is about the conversation. What we make is simple and functional. We value good craftsmanship and knowledge. Our pots and paintings are influenced by our own research, and also by the framework in which we live. They are distinctly American, but shaped by our awareness of a larger world view.”

-Brooke and Justin Rothshank

KNOW JUSTICE: Brooke & Justin Rothshank



Beginning Saturday, August 13, 2016
As a preview to the show, this tablescape presents place settings of ceramic pieces representing the 44 presidents.

Saturday, October 15, 2016
with Justin Rothshank and Elenor Wilson, editor Studio Potter Journal
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January 19–22, 2017

Selections from KNOW JUSTICE: Brooke and Justin Rothshank
New York Ceramic & Glass Fair, Bohemian Hall, NYC


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