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HOLLIE LYKO at Porches

HOLLIE LYKO at Porches

HOLLIE LYKO at Porches

North Adams, MA

May 25th- October 22, 2019.

FERRIN CONTEMPORARY is pleased to announce Hollie Lyko, as the featured artist at Porches for the summer 2019 season.

Hollie Lyko grew up northwest of Philadelphia in the small suburb of Hatfield, Pennsylvania. She earned her MFA in 2019 in Studio Arts from Syracuse University and her BFA in Ceramics from the University of Hartford. Lyko is influenced by the spaces she encountered as a child, both domestic and public. Her studio practice manifests itself from the curio cabinet holding porcelain treasures, to the souvenir of a tourist attraction gift shop.

Lyko presents, Lady and Gentleman, 22 November 1963, and American Standard. Each series explores erasure and camouflage within the veil of American history. Lyko meticulously removes the glaze on found souvenirs ceramic plates. The artist notes

“I equate the violent act of erasure with the content of the plates themselves -from the assassination of John F. Kennedy, to the whitewashing of America’s history and the societal value of marriage and heteronormativity. Through questioning the stereotypes and propaganda disseminated on collectibles of the past, I reopen a conversation about ideals and beliefs within contemporary American culture.”

Lyko’s most recent work, Delft Santa works inversely, allowing the decorative surface to consume every detail of the Santa Claus forms, making these icons of American culture seem eerie and almost unfamiliar.

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