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Gardiner Museum
Toronto, Ontario

June 9 – 19, 2022

Featuring work by Cristina CĆ³rdova, Sergei Isupov, Mara Superior, and Kukuli Velarde

Virtual Artist Talk with Cristina CĆ³rdova

June 17th, 1-2pm EST
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The International Ceramic Art Fair (ICAF) makes its highly anticipated return to the Gardiner Museum, featuring works by emerging and established ceramic artists from a wide range of backgrounds, and an exciting slate of online and in-person programming.

ICAF 2022 celebrates connections between body, identity, and land. Global mythologies have long connected the human body to the earth, from a Nubian deity fashioning humans from clay to scientific explorations of clay as the first carrier of life. The human body is symbolically if not literally connected to clay, helping us understand who we are as individuals, a society, and a species.

Contemporary ceramics has become one of the most dynamic areas of artistic practice in recent years. So it is with much excitement that we invite collectors and curators from around the world to join us for the International Ceramic Art Fair, which has grown to a 10-day celebration of contemporary art, gallery tours, artist talks, performances, and more. Join us in person and online to discover how some of the top galleries and artists are approaching the themes of body, figuration, and the land. We look forward to sharing the diversity, complexity, and accessibility of contemporary ceramics.
– Sequoia Miller, Chief Curator

This yearā€™s Honorary Patron is internationally renowned Kenyan-born British studio potter, Magdalene Odundo.



Virtual Artist Talk with Cristina CĆ³rdova

June 17th, 1-2pm EST

As part of the International Ceramic Art Fair, join featured artist Cristina CĆ³rdova for an online discussion about her work. CĆ³rdova creates figurative compositions that examine our shared humanity and question socio-cultural notions of gender, race, and beauty. Registration is free.

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Full event schedule for ICAF 2022

Virtual Curator Talk with Maya Wilson-Sanchez

June 14th, 1-2pm EST

As part of the International Ceramic Art Fair, join Gardiner Museum Curatorial Resident Maya Wilson-Sanchez for a virtual conversation about the work of Kukuli Velarde, a Peruvian-American artist who specializes in painting and ceramic sculptures made out of clay and terracotta. Registration is free.

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Full event schedule for ICAF 2022


IN DIALOGUE: Cristina CĆ³rdova & Kukuli Velarde

IN DIALOGUE: Cristina CĆ³rdova & Kukuli Velarde

October 16 to December 30, 2021

Public Reception 4 to 5:30 pm
4:30 Conversation with artist, Kukuli Velarde

1315 MASS MoCA Way, North Adams MA


North Adams,Ā  MA

Ferrin Contemporary presents IN DIALOGUE: Cristina CĆ³rdova & Kukuli Velarde. The two artists share several overlapping identities as Latina sculptors working in the figural tradition. Each explores subjects drawn from both their cultural histories and their roles as mothers, daughters and parents of young women documenting their own and their subjects’ generational changes. This exhibition opens simultaneously with MASS MoCAā€™s Ceramics in The Expanded Field, curated by Senior Curator Susan Cross.Ā 

The newest works in the exhibition were produced in 2021 during the pandemic when each artist could focus deeply on major works, uninterrupted by travel; to-date, Velardeā€™s painting and Cordovaā€™s sculpture may be some of these artists most important and large-scale works.

October 16 – December 30, 2021


Exhibition catalog for IN DIALOGUE: Cristina Cordova & Kukuli Velarde at Ferrin Contemporary, Oct. 16 to Dec. 30, 2021. With luscious photos and detailed artist statements, this catalog gives depth and insight into the motivations behind the exhibition and the artworks therein.

  • October 16 to December 30, 2021 at Ferrin Contemporary, curated by Leslie Ferrin
  • Catalog features detailed artist statements
  • Published onĀ 


October 16, 4:30pm: Conversation with artist Kukuli Velarde


Berkshire Eagle
11.05.21 IN DIALOGUE: Latina artists use clay, femaleĀ form to explore personal, generational, and culturalĀ identityĀ 

Rural Intelligence Recommends
10.16.21 Ferrin Contemporary: Cristina CĆ³rdova and Kukuli Velarde

Berkshire EagleĀ 
10.15.21 BE mentions Ferrin Contemporary in coverage of MASS MoCA’s CERAMICS IN THE EXPANDED FIELD exhibition

ABOUT FACE: Contemporary Ceramic Sculpture

ABOUT FACE: Contemporary Ceramic Sculpture

ABOUT FACE: Contemporary Ceramic Scultpure

Exhibiting in the US since 2019

ABOUT FACE: Contemporary Ceramic SculptureĀ explores the lineage and influence between the revolutionary first generation of artists working in the figural genre and contemporary artists. The exhibition, curated by Jennifer Jankauskus, will investigate how history and place inform the work of contemporary ceramists bringing approximately 44 objects by 30 emerging, mid-career, and master artists from around the nation who work within a narrative figurative clay tradition. Creating both sculptural and relief objects, from busts to full figures, the artists all highlight the human form as a way to explore issues relating to the body, to various cultural ties, and to ideas of the female/male gaze.

Images courtesy of Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts, Art Museum of South Texas, and Figge Art Museum




ā€¢ Figge Art Museum | IA | 2020 ā€¢Ā 

ā€¢Ā  Art Museum of South Texas | TX | 2020 ā€¢Ā 

ā€¢Ā  MontgomeryĀ  Museum of Fine Arts | AL | 2019 ā€¢Ā 


Wesley Anderegg
Robert Arneson*
Chris Antemann*
Rudy Autio*
Russell Biles*
Cristina CĆ³rdova*
Jack Earl*
Edward Eberle*
Sean Erwin*
Viola Frey*
Alessandro Gallo*
David Gilhooly *
Gerit Grimm *
Sergei Isupov*
Doug Jeck*
Howard Kottler*
Michael Lucero *
Walter McConnell
Gerardo Monterrubio
Jim Neel
Virgil Ortiz
Andrew Raftery
Allan Rosenbaum
Akio Takimori *
Yoshio Taylor
Tip Toland
Jason Walker *
Kurt Weiser *
Beatrice Wood *
Sun Koo Yuh

*indicates artists with available works for sale through Ferrin Contemporary





Curator Talk: Dr. Jennifer Jankauskas
Thursday, July 16
6:30 p.m. Virtual

Curator of Art at the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts, and exhibition curator Dr. Jennifer Jankauskas, will discuss the artists and themes exhibited in About Face in a virtual presentation.

View Virtual Curator Talk ā€¢ HERE ā€¢

Artist Panel

Thursday, August 20
6:30 p.m. talk

Local ceramic artists will give insight into the imagery and techniques used in the works featured in About Face.






Purchase the Catalog ā€¢ HERE ā€¢

About Face is accompanied by a full-color catalogue with essays by exhibition curator, Jennifer Jankauskas, PhD, and Glenn Adamson, Senior Scholar at the Yale Center for British Art and will be on view in the fourth-floor gallery through August 30, 2020.




NCECA 2021 Virtual Conference
Rivers, Reflections, and Reinvention
March 17, 2021 – March 21, 2021

Gallery Presentation
1315 MASS MoCA Way, North Adams
March 17, 2021 – May 29, 2021

In March 2020 we invited a group of women artists to explore the influence of gender and its impact on their creative practice. This year, Nature/Nurture returns with new additional works as a virtual exhibition at NCECA’s first virtual conference, with select works on view at Ferrin Contemporary.

Opening Reception

March 19, 2021 @ 7pm on Zoom

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NATURE/NURTURE, Gallery Installation presented in 2020 at 1315 MASS MoCA Way, March 4 -June 27, 2020.


1315 MASS MoCA Way, North Adams
March 4 – June 27, 2020

Ferrin Contemporary is pleased to present Nature/Nurture, a group exhibition of twelve contemporary female artists invited to explore the influence of gender and its impact on their practice.

This timely exhibition explores these ideas that range from direct interpretations of the natural world to more abstract notions, such as the construction of gender and the endowed role of women within their personal and professional careers. Works in clay range in form from individual vessels to composed still lifes and figural and abstract sculpture.

Gallery director Leslie Ferrin chose a group of twelve female artists whose works and careers provide a range of diverse perspectives related to age, cultural identity and work being done in contemporary ceramics. Considering the impact that the #MeToo movement is having on all professions, Ferrin asked the artists to pause and reflect on the role gender plays in their artistic practice and to consider the nurturing experiences that have shaped them.

Ferrin writes, ā€œA renewed awareness and galvanizing commitment for change is surging through American cultural and academic institutions, organizations and businesses of every sort, exposing the crying need for structural change; specifically, the advancement of equality for artists of all genders and elimination of sexual harassment, wage discrimination and other forms of sexism that continue to affect the lives of women, transgender and non-binary individuals. As part of the movement to reverse and rebalance with new priorities and opening doors, it is crucial to offer opportunities to artists who have been historically marginalized.ā€

Nature assigned these artists, who identify as female, on a given path, whereas nurture is an accumulation of experiences, influences and impact with both positive and negative results on personal and professional lives. Seen as a whole, this group of twelve women artists who live and work throughout the USA, is representative of the rising tide of professional opportunities for women artists. While significant earnings and advancement gaps remain, a course correction is underway through the increasing number of gender and culturally specific exhibitions. As priorities shift for museum collections, educational public programming and private collectors, these efforts to course-correct are bringing recognition to artists previously overlooked and undervalued and to undocumented legacies. Nature/Nurture seeks to contribute to and further this recognition.

Inspired by the important work of Judith Butler and Helen Longino, the artists in the show were invited to explore the influence of ā€˜Nature/Nurtureā€™ within their practice. The work ranges from more direct interpretations of the natural world, to more abstract notions, such as the construction of gender, and endowed role of women.

ā€œPossibility is not a luxury; it is as crucial as bread.ā€
ā€•Ā Judith Butler,Ā Undoing Gender, 2004



ZOOM/ONLINE PROGRAM | Women in Ceramics with Garth Johnson at Everson Museum of Art – Friday, May 15, 2020.

“Nature/Nurture” Installation View, with Anina Major, 2020.

IDENTITY 4: Voices | Craft in America Center

IDENTITY 4: Voices | Craft in America Center


Craft in America Center

Los Angeles, CA

In light of the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) and the safety and well-being of our visitors, the Craft in America Center will be closed to the public until April 1st.

We are developing a virtual tour, so that the public can have a chance to view the inspiring works of these four visionary artists.

Craft in America Center is pleased to present an exhibition by four artists who explore issues of gender, race, culture, and place, offering true expressions of their experience in this world. Cristina CĆ³rdova, Wendy Maruyama, Cara Romero, and Diego Romero draw upon their heritages and identities as makers to translate their experiences into fine art. All four artists were featured in Craft in America episodeā€™s most recent episode of our PBS Documentary Series,Ā IDENTITY.

See more HERE

New York Times feature HERE

More on Cristina CĆ³rdova HERE





COMPOSING FORM | Helen Day Art Center

COMPOSING FORM | Helen Day Art Center

Helen Day Art Center, Stowe Vermont

June 22- August 24, 2019

Opening Reception: Saturday, June 22, 5pm – 7pm


This group exhibition of contemporary sculptors working in ceramics highlights both figurative and abstract work that is both poetic and humorous, referencing human history, intervention, and experience.


Artists Include:


Leslie Ferrin, director of Ferrin Contemporary, North Adams, MA will speak in conversation with curator, Rachel Moore aboutĀ contemporary ceramicsĀ and the artists in Composing Form, the current exhibition at Helen Day Art Center.

Ferrin, a specialist in contemporary ceramics for forty years,Ā represents several of the artists Moore chose for the survey exhibition. The two will discuss recent works by artists whoseĀ cultural identities are evident in the narratives conveyed through painted surfaces and sculpted formĀ both in the exhibition and other examples in the field.Ā Ā The conversation will also touch on the influences and experiences of artists in the exhibition including American artist, Cristina Cordova whose Puerto Rican heritage is a major influence on her work and theĀ four international artists in the exhibition,Ā Russian born, Sergei Isupov Estonian born Kadri Parnamets and two who now produce their work in Jingdezhen, China, the birthplace of porcelain, Robin Best, Australian and Hong Kong-born Sinying Ho.

Curator Talk:

Leslie Ferrin and Rachel Moore in conversation at the Helen Day Art Center.

August 15, 2019 at 5:30pm

In the Exhibition




solo exhibition

Ferrin Contemporary
1315 MASS MoCA Way, North Adams, MA
July 28ā€“September 16, 2018


Preview Talk: Thursday, August 2, 7:00 pm


North Adams, MA ā€”

Ferrin Contemporary presents Del balcĆ³n, a solo exhibition of new work by Cristina CĆ³rdova, featuring large and small figurative sculptures exploring the relationship between the human and geographic connections within her native Puerto Rican landscape.

Working directly from the human form, CĆ³rdovaā€™s hand builds often life-size ceramic figures that gaze at, or through the viewer, asking them to consider whatā€™s behind the eyes. A reference to landscape, both large and small, is introduced, creating tropical tableaux for the figure to reside within. Del balcĆ³n, comes on the heals of a large solo exhibition at the Alfred Ceramic Art Museum in Alfred, N.Y., in early 2018 where director Wayne Higby notes,

“Cristinaā€™s figurative work has established her as one of the preeminent ceramic artists of her generation. Her work renders the figure as a mysterious, sensual force of compelling urgency. Her masterful use of the ceramic medium empowers her work with a mesmerizing, at times uncanny presence.”


Cristina CĆ³rdova: JUNGLA

Cristina CĆ³rdova: JUNGLA

Alfred Ceramic Art Museum
Alfred, NY
February 2ā€“July 16, 2018
Opening Reception: February 2, 2018, 6ā€“9 pm
Ā  Ā  Artist talk: 4:30 pm


“At its most basic level Jungla refers to a region of dense, intractable wilderness that sustains an ongoing evolutionary dance governed by uncivilized forces. This tropical landscape of my youth is a beacon to an identity, tying me back to a specific geography and the sediment of generations. Itā€™s unrelenting influence speaks of luscious yet ominous constructs that echo the socio-political conditions in the Caribbean. Itā€™s unruly mystery seeps out of its confines to also serve as metaphor for a creative process anchored in that liminal space between chaos and balance. A practice that gathers significance amidst the subconscious forces that underpin reality and the firm directives of the ego. Through image and form, Jungla explores the relationship between these human and geographic connections.” ā€” Cristina CĆ³rdova




Oct 28, 2017 ā€“ Apr 21, 2018

Ferrin Contemporary
1315 MASS MoCA Way, North Adams, MA

Click here for details.

Works on view include recent pieces by women whose primary medium is clay and selected works from private and artist archives by female potters and sculptors.

The Women provides Ferrin Contemporary an opportunity to highlight the range of work by women artists affiliated with the gallery program who are known for their work in ceramics.

Director Leslie Ferrin, a life long advocate for women in ceramics reflects on this moment, ā€œIt is gratifying to witness the attention to gender issues taking place throughout society.Ā  These same forces are fueling the interest in examining and bringing recognition to the overlooked contributions of women to postwar visual arts. Many of our collectors who brought a female perspective to building their collections are contributing to the public dialog by acquiring new works and making gifts to institutions. Museums are responding by offering exhibition opportunities, site specific commissions and adding to permanent collections to fill in gaps. It is an exciting time to see these changes taking place and being able to participate in the process.”

Studio Pottery and Design*
Works by
Laura Andreson
Dorothy Hafner
Karen Karnes
Jenny Mendez
Linda Sikora
*available in Ferrin Contemporary square shop


The Women

Ferrin Contemporary presents selected works by women artists whose primary medium is clay. On view in the gallery and online, we introduce new works by emerging and established artists along with masterworks available from private collections and artist archives.


Winter/Spring 2017
Women in Ceramics Vol. 45 No. 1

In this issue: nine essays remembering the life of Karen Karnes, a deep investigation of the legacy of women in wood-firing, several narratives about artists’ personal journeys in clay, essays on the lives of California artist Ruth Rippon and Swedish artist Hertha Hillfon, a dynamic discussion of contemporary motherhood, international perspectives from Canada, the United Kingdom, Turkey, and India, a look at fourth-wave feminism, and more.

Click for info onĀ Studio Potter.

Click to request complimentary issue online.

“Ruth Rippon, Her Story”
by Nancy M. Servis

Ripponā€™s artistic production is extensive and leaves an indelible mark on the artistic landscape of Northern California. …Ā The breadth of her work mirrors the artist herself: technically accomplished, experimental, conceptually grounded, and quietly emotive.

Click here for more.

Artist Salon – Nancy M. Servis
Wednesday, November 8
at 6ā€“8:30 pm

Project Art
54 Main St, Cummington, Massachusetts 01026

Join visiting scholar, Nancy M. Servis, from Sacramento, California, for an image-illustrated presentation ‘State of Clay: Bay Area Ceramics,’ followed by a potluck at Project Art.

From pottery to sculptural expression, Servis unveils the dynamic variety of ceramics found in Northern California. Long recognized as a vital and populous state with extensive clay deposits, California has been the home of refined vessel-makers and artistic rule-breakers for over 75 years, particularly in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Her lecture contextualizes clay’s extensive use that includes stylistic architecture in Oakland, impassioned potters like Antonio Prieto and Marguerite Wildenhain from the 1950s, and unabashed practitioners like Peter Voulkos and Robert Arneson. They along with select others like Viola Frey, Ruth Rippon, and Ron Nagle laid Nancy Servis’ groundwork for what exists today – a population of fine artist-makers whose work coexists with those who embrace sculpture or even defy ceramic tradition.

Nancy is a recognized art historian, gallerist, and author. She has served as curator, educator and arts administrator in the greater San Francisco Bay Area for over twenty years.

Click for facebook page.

Ferrin Contemporary at PULSE MIAMI 2015

Ferrin Contemporary at PULSE MIAMI 2015

Ferrin Contemporary presents
Cristina CĆ³rdova in ISLA SALVAJE (wild island) at

PULSE logo

December 1ā€“5, 2015
Indian Beach Park, 4601 Collins Avenue
Miami Beach, FL 33140
Booth S-113

Cristina is a nominee for the PULSE Prize, a cash grant awarded to an artist of distinction exhibiting a solo presentation at the fair.


Tuesday, December 1
Private Preview Brunch By VIP Invitation, 1ā€“4pm
Opening Celebration, 4pmā€“7pm

Wednesday, December 2, 10amā€“7pm
Thursday, December 3, 10amā€“7pm
Friday, December 4, 10amā€“7pm
Saturday, December 5, 10amā€“5pm
Sunset Celebration, 5pmā€“7pm

PULSE MIAMIĀ isĀ located at Collins Avenue and 46th Street right next to the Eden Roc Hotel and with direct access from the beach and boardwalk. PULSE is recognized for providing its international community of emerging and established galleries with a dynamic platform for connecting with a global audience. PULSE offers visitors an engaging environment in which to discover and collect the most compelling contemporary art being produced today.