This eclectic collection is continually changing as new work is acquired or sold. Occasionally, older important pieces re-enter the market and we make many of them available here.

Curated by Leslie Ferrin, author of “Teapots Transformed: Exploration of an Object” , this collection offers a range of work from traditional, functional designs to conceptual contemporary constructions by both emerging and established artists. Ferrin’s understanding of the teapot genre assures that each of the pieces offered here makes a distinct contribution to this iconic form.

Teapots are complex objects steeped in history, world culture, and art. For collectors, they offer a wonderful study in contrast and variety. For artists, they present endless possibilities within the context of design, decoration, and scale. As a result, teapots have become objects through which potters, clay sculptors, artists in all media challenge their creative and technical abilities.  As subject matter, the familiar object is commonly represented in still lifes – incorporated into both two- and three-dimensional formats.

TEAPOTS TRANSFORMED by Ferrin Contemporary director, Leslie Ferrin, contains an in-depth exploration into the teapot as both utilitarian object and contemporary sculpture.

Full-color illustrations and supporting text takes artists, collectors, and tea drinkers on a delicious tour of this evolving art form.