STRIKING GOLD: Fuller at Fifty, Fuller Craft Museum, Brockton, MA

September 7, 2019- April 5, 2020

Striking Gold: Fuller at Fifty

September 7, 2019- April 5, 2020

Fuller Craft Museum, Brockton MA

In honor of the Fuller’s ‘golden anniversary’, the museum looks at the role of gold within it’s recent acquisitions and permanent collection. Co-curated by Beth McLaughlin and Suzanne Ramljak. Striking Gold: Fuller at Fifty, explores the storied traditions, contemporary interpretations, skillful applications, and conceptual rigor of gold as an artistic material, while investigating the multitude of cultural, material, and sociopolitical associations.For the 57 selected artists, gold remains central to their work as they delve far deeper than embellishment or decorative effect. This landmark exhibition celebrates the museum’s rich past as it plans for a brilliant future—and shines a light on all things golden.


Recent works by:

Claire Curneen
Bouke de Vries
Paul Scott
Anina Major

and in the permanent collection:
Roy Superior

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Fully illustrated catalog with essays from the co-curators and Stuart Kestenbaum.

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OF STRIKING GOLD: Fuller at Fifty


Striking Gold: Fuller at Fifty