Ferrin Contemporary is proud to present this collection of works by sculptor and painter, Roy Superior (1934 – 2013). The work offered here comes from both the artist’s collection and that of Allan Stone, a well-known collector of late twentieth-century art.


Superior’s meticulously executed sculptural pieces are made from wood, antique ivory, bone, and gold leaf with brass and copper hand-made hardware. Many of the machines have moving parts – spinning wooden propellers or delicate flapping wings. In each, Superior sought to depict the inner workings of the common man, to expose some universal insight into human nature with his gentle irreverence.

A remembrance of a creative life in sculpture and drawings

The Center for Art in Wood in Philadelphia
Feb 7–Apr 19, 2014

This visual biography of painter, sculptor, and wood worker Roy Superior, features his pen and ink drawings and patent models of imaginary machines. In speaking of Superior, Albert LeCoff, Co-Founder and Executive Director of The Center for Art in Wood, noted, “He considered himself an absurdist, a risk taker, an ever curious observer of the human condition. He made full use of irony as a tool to make his commentary.” Roy Superior’s exhibition presents a thorough retrospective of his career by including his sculptures, pieces of furniture, and drawings from throughout his Good Life.