PROMENADE: New Work by Sergei Isupov


March 7–April 22, 2014
Perimeter Gallery, Chicago

A selection of recent works from ceramic artist Sergei Isupov was presented in the lower gallery of the Perimeter Gallery (Chicago, IL). The show was curated by Leslie Ferrin and presented in conjunction with Isupov’s mid-career survey at the Racine Art Museum, Collection Focus: Sergei Isupov, February 23–June 8, 2014.

Isupov transformed the lower gallery into a narrative installation using ceramic sculpture and site-specific painting.  “I consider my sculptures to be a canvas for my paintings. All the plastic, graphic, and painting elements of a piece function as complementary parts of the work.” Born in Stavropol, Russia in 1963, Isupov now lives in Massachusetts and Tallinn, Estonia.

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Sergei Isupov is represented by Ferrin Contemporary.


Friday, March 7 from 5–8pm
Conversation with the Artist


Sergei Isupov is an Estonian-American sculptor internationally known for his highly detailed, narrative works. Isupov explores painterly figure-ground relationships, creating surreal sculptures with a complex artistic vocabulary that combines two- and three-dimensional narratives and animal/human hybrids. He works in ceramic using traditional hand building and sculpting techniques to combine surface and form with narrative painting using stains and clear glaze.

“Everything that surrounds and excites me is automatically processed and transformed into an artwork. The essence of my work is not in the medium or the creative process, but in the human beings and their incredible diversity. When I think of myself and my works, I’m not sure I create them, perhaps they create me.”

Isupov has a long international resume with work included in numerous collections and exhibitions, including the National Gallery of Australia, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston (TX), Museum of Arts and Design (NY), Racine Art Museum (WI), Museum of Fine Arts Boston (MA), and the Erie Art Museum (PA), at which he presented selected works in a 20-year career survey Hidden Messages in 2017 and Surreal Promenade in 2019 at the Russian Museum of Art (MN).