HEY! CERAMIQUE.S Exhibition Installation featuring Mara Superior, Chris Antemann, and Crystal Morey, Musee de la Halle Saint Pierre, Paris, France, September 20, 2023 to August 14, 2024

HEY! CÉRAMIQUE.S | Musee de la Halle Saint Pierre

Musée de la Halle Saint Pierre | Paris, France September 20, 2023 through August 14, 2024

In the name of matter

Both deeply invested in exploring the alternative cultural scene, Halle Saint Pierre and HEY! modern art & pop culture continue their long and close collaboration with a sixth exhibition entirely dedicated to ceramics. If this medium occupies an increasingly visible place on the international art scene, the HEY! CERAMIQUE.S will show other forms which, from pop culture to art brut, unexpectedly emancipate themselves from all dominant norms and discourses to draw on the living forces of the imagination and the sensitive. Whether they are wise or delirious, wild or sophisticated, expressionist or narrative, whether they handle humor or emotion, the ceramic sculptures here carry excess but also poetry and innovations.

  • Martine Lusardy, director of the Halle Saint Pierre and exhibition curator
  • Anne Richard, guest curator and founder of the HEY! modern art & pop culture


Musee de la Halle Saint Pierre, Paris, France | September 20, 2023 to August 14, 2024


  • Released September 15, 2023
  • Edited by Anne Richard Bilingual (French / English)
  • 250 pages
  • Shaped cover 28 x 24.5 cm
  • Published by HEY! PUBLISHING

Long considered a minor art because of its particular status at the crossroads of art and craftsmanship, ceramics has emancipated itself artistically by making precisely this hybrid position the basis of its renewal. The truly alchemical dimension of the fire arts lends itself wonderfully to blurring and crossing boundaries. But if contemporary ceramic artists draw on timeless traditions and know-how, it is not so much out of nostalgia for the values ​​of the past as to place at the center of creation a return to making and attention to materials in their sensitive dimension. Earth, water, air, fire are no longer simple materials that can be manipulated indifferently, they become the very substance of a material imagination intended to satisfy aesthetic and psychological urgencies. 

— Martine Lusardy, Director and curator of exhibitions at the Halle Saint Pierre Museum

“Our overuse of resources has destroyed our planets natural resources. The skies churn,  rivers flood, oceans rise, and forests burn. The world is a changed place, and the most vulnerable feel the affects first.”

Crystal Morey, Shaping Interconnectedness, essay by Maria Porges

“From there, [she], like many of us, sees the news, imagines the future, and find solace in the triumphant artworks of the past. She is chronicling our time, a unique and strange mix of hope in the ace of humanities greatest collective threat— ourselves.”

Mara Superior, Chronicling our Collective Hopes, essay by Lauren Levato-Coyne.


Within a beautiful Baltard-style architecture, facing the gardens of the Butte Montmartre, the Halle Saint Pierre houses a museum and a gallery, a bookstore, an auditorium, a café. It is in this harmonious and luminous setting that the major temporary exhibitions and the multiple artistic and cultural activities dedicated to the most unexpected forms of creation are presented.