ESPRITS LIBRES | La Fondation d’Enterprise Bernardaud

La Fondation d'Enterprise Bernardaud | Limoges, France June 17, 2022 – April 1, 2023

La Fondation d’Enterprise Bernardaud
Limoges, France

June 17, 2022 — April 1, 2023

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Esprits libres encourages us to take a fresh look at unique, authentic, surprising artistic expressions. It is an invitation and a challenge to creativity and the collective imagination, privileging figurative and narrative art with a surrealist bent. The exhibition is based on these expressions’ power to transcend academic strictures and bring all generations together. No school, no line of theory, no concept is claimed: the exhibition transcribes a free state of mind, an internal rhythm of creation, a stand taken in the world.

Esprits libres gives us a second wind, a burst of spontaneity and unity, and tells a different story, without assumptions or prejudices, embodied by the choice of twelve artists–and just as many moments of thought–developing perspectives that are original, in ebullition, and open to influence. They are the product of free spirits. Confronted with these twelve artistic entities, it is easy to understand that the choice of ceramics as medium is fundamental to their chosen approach to each of their subjects: its intrinsic materiality, its capacity for volume, and its physicality project the work itself into a dimension of tactility that is utterly human. But, examining our humanist values and projects, these artists impel us to observe our own capacity for transmission, transgression, and transformation. This joyous shaking-up of certitudes nurtures new and profoundly living forms; it invites us to explore a territory of reconciliation, kindliness, and solidarity, where artworks advocate for difference, exalting dialog and respect for every person’s singularity.



Featuring Ferrin Contemporary Artists Crystal Morey and Mara Superior

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La Fondation d’Enterprise Bernardaud,
Limoges, France

& Anne Richard
Founder of the art magazine
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Author, publisher,
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The Fondation d’Entreprise Bernardaud was established in 2002 in Limoges by Michel Bernardaud, chairman and CEO of the eponymous company. It is directed by Hélène Huret. From the beginning, it has worked to endow the Limoges manufactory with a cultural dimension.

A visitor circuit has been set up to explain the history and manufacture of porcelain. In addition, the Foundation holds a themed exhibition every summer to present a broad range of contemporary ceramic works by international artists seldom shown in France. This demonstrates the great vitality of ceramics on the international art scene, especially porcelain, one of today’s most interesting artistic media.