My work consists of intricately handmade porcelain butterflies sewn on Chinese dresses.

The idea came from living in China for over 10 years and experiencing life in the vast country.  From afar, people can look at China and see a country with people almost looking the same.  But if you look closely, China has many complex personalities, many different cultures mixed into one large pot.

The Chinese words are made out of characters consisting of many strokes.  Each stroke by itself means nothing, but when the strokes are put into patterns they make up words.  The Chinese uses this kind of method of putting things together in daily life as well.  The art of ceramic making is unique in the world; specialized skill workers put together and make one piece of fine work.

Chinese believe in looking at the positive aspects of life and not dwell on the negative.  Auspicious symbols are placed in homes to bring good luck and happiness.  Even in the darkest times, people look into the future with positive hope.  They use symbols such as bats, deer and peaches because these words sound like fortune, prosperity and longevity.

I have called my butterfly outfits “Prosperity” also because “Clothing 服” and “Prosperity 穏” are pronounced the same way “fu”.  These outfits from afar look just like a dress, but when you look closely at the butterflies they are all unique and different.  This is a China!

Caroline Cheng, Executive Director of The Pottery Workshop

Cheng is an internationally well-known ceramic artist and curator. Cheng has brought together ceramicists not only from the region but from all over the world. With her dedication and vision, she has become instrumental in nurturing of young artists, encouraging dialogues, and cultural exchanges. Cheng received an Outstanding Achievement Award from the America National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts (NCECA) in 2014. Cheng exhibits her works internationally. Her work is in private collections and public museums such as The British Museum, National Museum, Beijing, Ceramic Museum, Vallauris France, Hong Kong Museum of Art, and The Fitzwilliam, Cambridge.


The Hidden Virtues and Frame of Mind Contemporary Ceramics by Caroline Cheng, Sotheby’s, New York, NY

“The Eternal Spring” Sotheby’s, Hong Kong

“China Blues” The Pottery Workshop, Hong Kong

“Glazing China” Grotto Gallery, Hong Kong

“Made in China Blues” The Pottery Workshop, Hong Kong

“Heroine” The Pottery Workshop, Hong Kong

“Seeds of a New Civilization” The Pottery Workshop, Hong Kong

“Made in Hong Kong” Modernology Gallery, San Francisco, USA

“Essence of Goofy Figures” The Pottery Workshop, Hong Kong


“Winter Wonderland-Artistree” Lane Crawford Pacific Place Hong Kong

“Winter Wonderland – Gnomes” Lane Crawford Pacific Place Hong Kong
“Spring Blossom”  Installations for Van Cleef & Arpels in Paris, Hong Kong, Tokyo

“Fashion Visionaries” Lane Crawford Beijing


Made in China: The New Export Ware, Ferrin Contemporary at New York Ceramics & Glass Fair, New York, NY

Made in China: The New Export Ware, Ferrin Contemporary at Independent Art Projects, North Adams, MA
Made in China: The New Export Ware, Ferrin Contemporary at Miami Projects, Miami, FL
“Moving Objects”45th general assembly, Dublin, Ireland

“New Blue and White” Boston Museum of Fine Arts, USA

“China’s White Gold” Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge, UK
“New Site-East Asian Contemporary Ceramics Exhibition”  Yingge Ceramics Museum
“Chinese Design Today” Themes and Variations Gallery, London, UK
“Push Play” NCECA Invitational, Bellevue Art Museum Seattle, USA
The Pottery Workshop 25 Years Exhibition, NCECA Seattle
“New ‘China’ Porcelain Art from Jingdezhen” The China Institute, New York City, USA
Exhibition at the Westerwald Keramik Museum, Hohr-Grenhausen, Germany
Korea Ceramic Exhibition, Hanyang University, Seoul
New York Asia Week, Dai Ichi Arts
“Eighth Ceramic Biennial”, Hangzhou China
“Elements – Irish/Chinese Ceramic & Glass Exhibition” Shengling Gallery, Shanghai

“Mirage-Ceramic Experiments with Contemporary Nomads” Duolun Museum of Art

“Celebrating 160 Years” Lane Crawford Hong Kong
“Seventh Ceramic Bienniale” Hangzhou China
“Forces of Nature”  Rotunda, Hong Kong Exchange Square
“Förderpreis Keramik 2010 der Nassauischen Sparkass”Keramickmuseum Westerwald
“Mud In Your Eyes-Vessels for the Alcoholic Beverage” The Pottery Workshop
“25 Years!”  The Pottery Workshop, Jingdezhen

“1001 Cups” traveling to Switzerland, India, China, France, Japan and Greece

“Breaking the Mold: Contemporary Chinese and Japanese Ceramic Sculpture” Dennos Museum, Michigan, USA
“The 10th International Shoebox Sculpture Exhibition” Hawaii, USA
“Jingdezhen International Ceramic Exhibition”  Jingdezhen

“The Fashion Visionaries” Lane Crawford Department Store Beijing
International Fine Art and Design Fair, New York USA represented by Dai Ichi
SOFA Chicago USA represented by Dai Ichi
Art Miami Florida USA represented by Dai Ichi
“Colourware” Flow Gallery, London and The Hub, Sleaford
“China, Korea and Japan International Ceramic Exhibition & Symposium” Tokyo
National University of Arts and Music, Japan
Sixth Hangzhou Ceramic Bienniale Exhibition, PRC

First New York Contemporary Asian Art Fair represented by Amelia Johnson Gallery   and Dai Ichi Gallery
SOFA Chicago with Dai Ichi Gallery
Galerie Leda Fletcher, Caruouge, Switzerland
SOFA New York, Dai Ichi Gallery
“Living With the Locale”, City Hall, Hong Kong
“May Exhibition” Galerie Arums, Paris France
“Beijing Art Fair” Beijing PR China
“Sculpture Factory Joint Exhibition” Jingdezhen Sculpture Factory
“Contemporary Chinese Ceramics Exhibition” Guangdong Fine Arts U. Museum
“Winter Show” AJ Contemporary Gallery

“Fifth Hangzhou Ceramic Bienniale Exhibition”, Hangzhou, PRC
“Mod’If” Galerie Arums, Paris
“XIX International Bienniale of Contemporary Ceramic” Ceramic Museum, Vallauris, France
“Winter Exhibition” Amelia Johnson Gallery, Hong Kong
“Out Of Focus” Zhu Qizhan Art Museum, Shanghai
“Trigram Choice: Contemporary Hong Kong Art” Trigram Gallery, Hong Kong
“Pottery Workshop Staff Exhibition” Jingdezhen Pottery Workshop
“East West Collaboration 2006” University of Hawaii at Manoa, USA

“Mr. Ying’s Legacy” City U Gallery HK
“The Happening” Dowda Soy Sauce Factory, Hong Kong
“Swiss China Ceramics Exhibition” Shanghai University, China
“Ceramic Fashion Show” Jingdezhen PWS Experimental Factory, China
“HK Contemporary Ceramics Society Exhibition” Pottery Workshop Shanghai
“20/20-Twenty Years Twenty Artists” The Pottery Workshop Hong Kong
“Shanghai International Creative Industry Week” Hai Shanghai, Shanghai

“Art Mart 2004”, Hong Kong
“East Asia International Invited Exhibition” National Art Museum, Beijing China
“AMACO/Brent Invitational Exhibition” Indianapolis, USA
“Behold GOD!” John Batten Gallery, Hong Kong
“2 Person Show” Grotto Gallery, Hong Kong
“A Taste of China” The Pottery Workshop Shanghai
“Fourth Hangzhou Ceramic Bienniale Exhibition”, Hangzhou, PRC

“Yin/Yang” Flagstaff House Museum of Teaware
“More Than Just Food” Hong Kong Heritage Museum
“Seoul Fringe Festival 2003” Saamsi Gallery, Korea
“Chinese National Day Exhibition” Central Library, Hong Kong
“Art Supermarket” Parasite, Hong Kong

“Contemporary Chinese Ceramics Today” Ariana Museum, Switzerland
“Asia Pacific Contemporary Exhibition” Taipei County Yingko Ceramics Museum
“Hangzhou Ceramic Biennial Exhibition” Hangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, China
 “21st Century Ceramic Exhibition” National History Museum, Beijing
“White Christmas/Red Chinese New Year Exhibition” Galerie Martini
“Art Supermarket” ParaSite, Hong Kong

“China Contemporary Ceramic Art” 2001 WOCEK, World Ceramics Plaza, Korea
“Salon D’hiver IV” Galerie Martini, Hong Kong
“MarchArt” The Helena May, Hong Kong
“Tea Ware By Hong Kong Potters” Flagstaff House Museum of Tea Ware

“Political Clay” The Clay Studio, Philadelphia, USA

“Hangzhou Ceramic Biennial Exhibition” Hangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, China
“Fushan International Ceramic Exhibition” Fushan, China
 “Contemporary Chinese Ceramics 2000” Indigos Gallery, Denver, USA
“Global Culture Centre 5th International Group Show” Osaka World Trade Center
“Salon D’hiver III” Galerie Martini, Hong Kong
“A Celebration of Ceramics in Hong Kong“ The Pottery Workshop 15th Anniversary Exhibition, The Pottery Workshop Gallery
“China/Hong Kong Ceramic Exchange Exhibition” Guangdong Museum of Art/Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre
“5 Pottery Workshop Artists” Taikoo Place, Hong Kong
“New Millennium Pottery Exhibition” Jingdezhen Ceramics Institute

“New Impressions of Contemporary Hong Kong Ceramics” Museu De Arte De Macau
“Small Sculpture Exhibition” Taiwan, Hong Kong & Guangdong, China
“14th Asian International Art Exhibition” Fukuoka Asian Art Museum, Japan
“99 Invitational Exhibition of Chinese Ceramics Artists” Beijing Central Academy of Art and Design, China
“Out Of Clay-Invitational Exhibition of China’s Contemporary Ceramic Artists”   Guangdong Museum of Art, China

1998    “In Their Own Way” Hong Kong Institute for Promotion of Chinese Culture, HK
“Yixing International Ceramic Exhibition”  Yixing, China

“Unity in Diversity”
Manitoba Crafts Council, Winnipeg, Canada
Pottery Workshop, Hong Kong, Guangdong Museum of Art, China

“Where Creativity Meets-A Celebration In Art” Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, Hong Kong
“Art, An Anti Destiny, A Window upon The World” 2nd Int’l Group Show, La Grande Arche, Paris, France
“The Yellow Pages Great Wall” Tsim Sha Tsui waterfront, Hong Kong
“The Faculty Show in Commemoration of the  40th Anniversary of the Department of Fine Arts” Chinese University, Hong Kong

“Hong Kong Ceramics 1985-1995”  HK Visual Arts Centre
“Panoramic Visions”  1st International Group Show, HK Fringe Club
“Hand In Hand”, parent/child pottery exhibition, Pottery Workshop

“Manulife Young Artists Series 95” Pao Gallery,  Hong Kong Art Center, Hong Kong
“Twelve Women Artists”  Alisan Fine Arts, Hong Kong
“Mother” Beijing, China for the 4th UN Conference on Women and NGO Forum Exhibition at The Art Festival 1995 Hong Kong University Art Club Lecturers’ Group Exhibition Chinese University of Hong Kong
“The Pottery Workshop 10th Anniversary Exhibition” Quo quo, HK
Ceramics Exhibition For The Tsuen Wan Arts Festival Tsuen Wan Town Hall, HK

Joint Exhibition Fringe 94  The Pottery Workshop, Hong Kong
Exhibition At The Art Festival 1994  Hong Kong University Art Club

“Tea Ware By Hong Kong Potters” Flagstaff House Museum of Tea Ware, Hong Kong
“Younger Hong Kong Artists: Painters and Potters” The Rotunda, HK Exchange Square

“From All Directions”  The Pottery Workshop, Hong Kong

Modernology Gallery, San Francisco, USA
Open Studios 1990, ProArts Gallery, Oakland, USA

Members’ Exhibit, Pacific Grove Art Center, Pacific Grove, USA
Ceramics Exhibition  Monterey Peninsula College, Monterey, USA

SOMAR Gallery Group Exhibit, San Francisco, USA
MFA Exhibit, Academy of Art College, San Francisco, USA

“Twigs” group show, C. Corcoran Gallery, Muskegon, USA
BFA Show, Michigan State University
Kresge Art Center Student Exhibition, First Prize Award in Sculpture


2014    The 1st Yuxi Cultural Creative Industry Fair, Yuxi Museum, Yunan, China
2009    European Ceramic Competition 2009, Keramickmuseum Westerwald, Germany
1998    Hong Kong Teaware Competition, Flagstaff Teaware Museum


2009- 2013
Adjunct Professor, Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts

Founder & Organizer, The Pottery Workshop Creative Market, Jingdezhen
Special Researcher, China Research Academy for Fine Arts, Beijing
Producer, Documentary “Pottery of the Ethnic Minorities of Southwest China”

Founder, The Pottery Workshop Beijing
Founder, Open Air Ceramic Market for the Jingdezhen Ceramic Fair

Founder, PWS Experimental Factory Center for creative industry in Jingdezhen

Founder, The Pottery Workshop, Shanghai at Taikang Lu, Center for Creative Industry in Shanghai

Independent Artist

Director, The Pottery Workshop, Hong Kong

The Pottery Workshop is the largest ceramic center in Hong Kong, Shanghai and in Jingdezhen.  It consists of classrooms with over 130 students attending pottery classes each week, ceramic galleries that exhibit local and international artists’ work and offering artists in residency, Friday evening lectures.

Artist in Residence, New Asia Secondary School & Kwan Fong Kai Chi School

Lecturer for CeramicsThe Chinese University of Hong Kong

Working group member for the Hong Kong Museum of Contemporary Art

Ceramics Teacher, Gallery Manager, The Pottery Workshop, HK

Art Instructor, San Jose Museum of Art, California, USA

Administrative Assistant  Pacific Grove Art Center, California, USA

Research Assistant
for the 2nd Anthology of Performance Art, Art Com, San Francisco, USA


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Hong Kong Ceramics 1985-1995


Jingdezhen Pottery Workshop Creative Market

“Mud in Your Eyes” Pottery Workshop
“25 Years!” Pottery Workshop

“Teaware War”  JDZ Pottery Workshop

“Ceramic Fashion Show” The PWS Experimental Factory Jingdezhen
“Looking Back/Forward II” The Pottery Workshop Hong Kong
“Terracotta China” City University Gallery, Hong Kong
“THE HAPPENING-A Multimedia Experience”, Dowda Food Industries Factory site, Hong Kong

“A Taste of China-Contemporary Ceramics in China” The Pottery Workshop, Shanghai

“Make A Peace” The Pottery Workshop, Shanghai
“To Dream the Impossible-Contemporary Ceramic Pillow Exhibition” The Pottery      Workshop, Hong Kong
“Shanghai Art Revival Sanatorium SARS”, PWS Shanghai

“Huzi! Contemporary Chamber Pots Invitational” The Pottery Workshop, HK

2000“Looking Back/Forward-5 Young Ceramic Artists from China” Hong Kong Fringe Club Mont Blanc Gallery/Pottery Workshop Gallery

“Unity in Diversity”
Manitoba Crafts Council, Winnipeg, Canada
The Pottery Workshop, Hong Kong
Guangdong Museum of Art, China


“Ceramic Culture in China” University of Michigan & New York University
“What’s Happening in China?” Northwestern Michigan College, USA
“Contemporary Chinese Ceramics” Gensler, Shanghai

“Ceramics Today” Hubei Academy of Fine Arts, Wuhan China

“Culture Market & Creative Economy in Urban Development Forum” Tongji University, International Ceramic Festival, Wales UK
Slide Talk, Fudan University, Shanghai

Tokyo National University of Arts and Music, Japan

“Contemporary Chinese Ceramics” Vevey School of Art, Switzerland
Slide Talk, Tainan University of the Arts, Taiwan

Slide Talk, University of Hawaii at Manoa
Slide Talk, Grand Vallery State University, Michigan USA

Demo, The Hong Kong Heritage Museum

“After Celadon: Contemporary Chinese Ceramics” Chair of Panel NCECA Conference, Kansas City, USA
Slide Talk at Vevey School of Art, Switzerland

“Hong Kong Ceramics” Soochow University, China
”Struggle for Nothing: Humor and Censorship” slide talk Harvard University Ceramics Studio, Cambridge, Mass, USA

“Hong Kong Ceramics”, International Slide Forum
National Council on the Education of Ceramic Arts Conference, USA

“The Future of Chinese Ceramics” Panel member, Yixing International Ceramic Conference
Yixing International Ceramic Conference
 Guangdong Museum of Art, China

HONG KONG CERAMIC ART – slide talk University of Manitoba &
Nova Scotia College of Art and Craft, Canada

“HEALTH AND HAZARDS”  — Artist Survival Series, Hong Kong Museum of Art
“VISABILITY”  –Art for handicapped children Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre
“MAKING LITTLE ANIMALS”  Clay Demonstration Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre

“THE ART OF MAKING GOOFY SCULPTURES” Workshop/Lecture at the Hong
Kong Museum of Art


British Museum, London UK
Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge UK
National Museum, Beijing
Ceramic Museum, Vallauris France
Hong Kong Museum of Art
Museu De Arte De Macau
Kresge Art Center, Michigan State University
Guangdong Museum of Art, China
China Academy of Fine Arts, Hangzhou
Shiwan Pottery Treasure Museum
Foshan Nan Feng Ancient Kiln Museum, China
Hong Kong Heritage Museum
Guangdong Academy of Fine Arts University Museum
Cheltenham Art Gallery & Museum
Keramikmuseum Westerwald, Germany
Boston Museum of Fine Arts


NCECA Outstanding Achievement Award
Finalist Shanghai Outstanding Female Designer Award (To be announced)


Member, Hong Kong Arts Development Council
Member, International Academy of Ceramics
Vice Chairman, Shanghai China Ceramic Artists’ Association
Deputy Secretariat, Chinese Ancient Ceramics Research Society
Member, China Ceramic Industry Association
Member, National Council on the Education for Ceramic Arts, USA


MFA in Sculpture, Academy of Art College, San Francisco, USA

BFA in Painting & BS in Zoology, Michigan State University, USA