Paul Scott in the USA | Project Art | Cummington

PAUL SCOTT in the U.S.A.


Paul Scott – working at Project Art in Cummington, researching transfer ware, sourcing materials and visiting artists  in Western Massachusetts followed by 6 weeks at The Clay Studio, Philadelphia.

American Scenery
New York Ceramics Fair 2014
January 21–2, 2014
Bohemian National Hall, New York


During his recent residencies, lecture tour, and travels in the US, Scott gathered and created a new series, American Scenery, inspired by his travels, observation, and research into American landscape painting, prints, and the subsequent use of those images on ceramic transfer ware. Knowledge drawn from behind-the-scenes tours at museums and collections throughout the North East influences this new work where Scott has applied prints he produced in the USA onto rescued, cast off ceramic plates from the 19th and early 20th centuries. His work tells stories that explore the unexpected movement of images through materials, media, cultures, politics, histories, and geographies,  inviting us to see a whole group of objects in a new way.


Paul Scott is represented by Ferrin Contemporary.


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