July 3 through November 3
Parmelee and Limric Galleries

This pandemic has wreaked havoc on our exhibition schedule, making it impossible to secure loans, or to properly uninstall and prepare galleries. Therefore, we’re going to let YOU decide the objects in our next exhibit. Our Collections Manager has come up with a list of interesting objects in storage that deserve a little time in the galleries.
Objects are powerful tools – touchstones filled with meanings and connection – that help a community understand its sense of place and future direction. Of the 40,000 objects in Bennington Museum’s collection, only a fraction are on view at any point.  Through online voting, hundreds of people picked from over 250 objects in five categories to determine the “winners” for viewing here.
Some of the runners up are also displayed to give you a better idea of the scope and breadth of our collections. And finally, for fun, we are asking you to take a look at everything and vote on your very favorite object.  Each week we will be awarding a blue ribbon to the people’s pick.

“Allure, A Dream House”, 1996, 15.5 x 22 x 7″, high-fired porcelain, ceramic oxides, underglaze, glaze, faux marble paint, wood, brass pins. Bennington Museum of Art (2019.1.3.a-c).

Jamie Franklin, curator at the Bennington Museum of Art continues his online series, “Chats with Jamie” with Ferrin Contemporary artist MARA SUPERIOR to discuss her dynamic practice and new works while in quarantine.

Jamie Franklin, Curator at Bennington Museum