Flora/Fauna, The Chautauquan Daily, July 24th, 2019

“‘Flora/Fauna’ Showcases Contemporary Ceramic Art”

by Elanor Bishop, July 24, 2019

“(The artists’) goal is not to produce a perfectly pouring teapot,” said Leslie Ferrin, Ferrin Contemporary director. “Their use of familiar forms … allows them as artists to deliver individual messages about environmentalism and shared global concerns.”

Judy Barie, Susan and John Turben Director of Visual Art Chautauqua Institute Galleries, worked with Ferrin to put together the show.

“(Barie) chose these three artists to feature in this exhibition,” Ferrin said. “The connecting thread was their common interests in portrayals of flora and fauna.”…


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‘Flora/Fauna’ Showcases Contemporary Ceramic Art

by Elanor Bishop

July 24, 2019

Flora/Fauna, Chautauqua Institution, 2019, Installation view, Images courtesy of ALEXANDER WADLEY/STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER at The Chautauquan