Courtney M. Leonard featured in WSHU Public Radio

“Leonard has opened her first retrospective art exhibition at The Heckscher Museum of Art in Huntington. It showcases her work over the years, exploring ecological issues and Indigenous culture with the whale as a common thread.

Printed on a wall in the exhibit, Leonard poses the question “Can a culture sustain itself when it no longer has access to the environment that fashions that culture?”

In the face of land loss and climate change, she tries to answer that question through her art, speaking to her community’s resilience.

‘Ultimately, the thing that I’ve learned with the work of breaching this question is that we do our best to care for the place that we live on, because it is what we have, and what we love,’ she said.”

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Courtney M. Leonard: Logbook 2004-2023, installation at The Heckscher Museum, 2023.