A Clay Bestiary VIRTUAL TOUR on video

Video offers another chance to view and enjoy A Clay Bestiary.

A Clay Bestiary, a recent show at the Hunterdon Art Museum in Clinton, New Jersey, brought together a diverse body of ceramic work by contemporary artists. The artists have re-imagined and reinterpreted various members of the animal kingdom; infused them with new concepts, ideas, and messages; and in the process freed each piece from being a literal portrayal.

This video presentation by Bill Ivie of CINEMATIC EYE / CINEMABRIDE takes the viewer on a tour of the entire exhibit. As the camera moves around the works it takes in intimate close-up views and steps back to encompass a broader view — all that you would experience had you been there in person. The film moves at a leisurely pace and is interspersed with limited dialog giving the viewers time to really view each work and form their own reactions before moving on to the next.

Click here to view the video.

This group show includes the work of Ferrin Contemporary artists Jason WalkerRed Weldon Sandlin, and Sergei Isupov.