Kadri Pärnamets

Peripheries: EDGES

Peripheries: EDGES

May 7th- 29th 2022

The Ceramic House
75 Stanmer Villas
United Kingdom

Featuring work by Kadri Pärnamets

Peripheries launches EDGES, an ambitious international ceramic and sound art project between three nations at the western and eastern edges of Europe: Ireland, Estonia and the UK.

EDGES focuses on international exchange and residencies with artists collaborating across the disciplines of ceramics and sound art. Outcomes include exhibitions, presentations, performances, geo-located sound walks and community engagement activities.

Peripheries invites two sound artists from Ireland to collaborate with two ceramic artists from Estonia, the results of which will be exhibited as the centre piece at The Ceramic House offering this May, accompanied by an exhibition of contemporary ceramics by leading Estonian artists.

The exhibition is curated by artists and curators Kay Aplin and Joseph Young.

The results of the residency will be exhibited in In Camera Gallery, The Ceramic House’s white cube, and the Estonian ceramics show will be displayed throughout the house. All the exhibiting ceramic artists selected have an interest in exploring traditional techniques with a contemporary sensibility, offering UK collectors, specialists and artists a rare overview of the breadth of contemporary Estonian ceramic practice today. The month-long residency is funded by I-Portunus EU funding.

Peripheries is a pilot for EDGES, a 2 year-long investigation into meeting places, what it means to work at the edge of something, to be on the fringes, and understanding artistic practice as a so-called ‘cutting edge’, where boundaries are pushed back, and frontiers explored. EDGES will continue in 2023-24 with an exhibition of Irish ceramics at The Ceramic House, international residencies in Estonia and Ireland and culminating exhibitions at Watts Gallery, UK and Wexford Arts Centre, Ireland.


Estonian, b. 1968, Rakvere, Estonia
lives and works in Cummington, MA

Kadri Pärnamets works in porcelain using traditional hand building and sculpting techniques to combine surface and form with narrative painting. Her biomorphic, organic forms provide a means to convey personal interests ranging from the fragile, natural environment to female identity. Focusing on gesture and expression, she selects known classics of female beauty by painters from the European Renaissance and Impressionist eras, like Lucas Cranach the Elder and Edouard Manet. Pärnamets has taught in the Estonian Art Academy and is a member of the Asuurkeraamika Studio, Estonian Artists Association, and Estonian Ceramist Association.

Pärnamets’ work has been shown internationally at Ferrin Contemporary, (North Adams, MA), the Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design, (Tallinn, Estonia), and at the International Tea Trade Expo, (Shanghai, China). Since 1996, she has participated in symposiums in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Switzerland, USA, Norway, and Hungary. In Pärnamets graduated from the Art Institute of Tallinn, Estonia in 1994 with a BA/MFA in Ceramics. Dividing her time between Estonia and USA, her primary studio is the USA at Project Art in Cummington, MA. She is represented by Ferrin Contemporary.


Opening reception

Thursday, May 5th

Peripheries was part of the Artists Open Houses festival.

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NATURE OF NURTURING | Notes from Director, Leslie Ferrin

NATURE OF NURTURING | Notes from Director Leslie Ferrin

A renewed awareness and galvanizing commitment for change is surging through American cultural and academic institutions, organizations, and businesses of every sort, exposing the crying need for structural change. Specifically, this includes the advancement of equality for artists of all genders, eliminating the sexual harassment, wage discrimination, and the other forms of sexism that continue to affect the lives of women, transgender and non-binary individuals. As part of the movement to reverse and rebalance priorities as well as open new doors, it is crucial to offer opportunities to artists who have been historically marginalized.

Ferrin Contemporary has invited twelve female artists to pause and reflect on the role gender plays in their artistic practice, to consider the impact of the #MeToo movement, and/or to examine how the constructs of gender and gendered behavior impact their personal and professional lives. Nature assigned these artists who identify as female on a given path, whereas nurture is an accumulation of experiences and influences has had both positive and negative impact on their personal and professional lives.

Individual artworks do not always offer specific references to identity through direct content. However, a close look at the career paths in the short biographies and written statements in this exhibition, Nature/Nurture reveals information about how each of these artists – members of several different generations – has sustained her creative practice. The ceramic artworks in Nature/Nurture converge in a dialogue and accumulation of experiences and influences; they reflect on positive and negative forces shaping contemporary female and non-binary identities. Together, through the artwork, statements and biographies, these women artists who identify as female and are at various stages of their careers, convey different experiences defined by their gender, age, geographic and cultural identities.

Mara Superior, Sally Silberberg, Tricia Zimic have had decades-long careers that began before the two youngest, now in their 30’s were born. Unlike the women who began their career in the 70’s, Crystal Morey and Lauren Mabry and others born in the 80’s are already well established with museums actively acquiring important mid-career works. Linda Sikora and Linda Sormin have balanced their international artistic practices with teaching in University programs. As a graduate student, Linda Sikora was unable to attend a program led by a female professor. Linda Sormin, of the generation following, pursued graduate studies specifically with three leading women artists Linda Sikora, Andrea Gill and Anne Currier. Likewise, Giselle Hicks and Cristina Córdova had the advantage of powerful female faculty and confidence that led to independent paths, establishing their own studio practice supported by periodic short term teaching, unhindered by the politics of full-time academia. International artists, Kadri Pärnamets (Estonia), Rae Stern (Israel) and Anina Major (Bahamas)

have located their practices in the USA where residencies have welcomed them, supported the development of their work and proximity to the marketplace.

For the two artists who began their careers in the 70’s, their education took place in institutions with male-dominated programs. As they began their careers, the studio craft movement provided independent economic security and a “workaround” for women whose chosen media, ceramics, had yet to be embraced by the fine art world. For those who followed beginning their careers in the 90’s and until the market crash in 2008, the glass ceiling showed cracks. Women were hired in academic positions, replacing retiring male faculty as programs were rebalanced to achieve diversity.

Starting in the eighties, studio craft was avidly collected by private collectors through fairs, galleries and directly from the artists themselves. The ultimate goal of self-support through sales was viable for a large number of artists but that ended with the recession. For those who began their professional careers at a time when the market system had collapsed, these artists were ultimately fortunate as a new path opened for work in ceramics when the groundbreaking survey exhibition in 2009, “Dirt on Delight” jettisoned ceramics into the broader field of contemporary fine art in the USA. In addition, the explosion of international biennales inclusive of ceramics and craft that provided context for material based artworks in the broader art scene.

This wide acceptance for ceramics and the other female associated media, fiber arts, has settled the Art vs. Craft debate. For both emerging and established artists whose chosen primary material was previously segregated and independent from the mainstream, these new opportunities for their works have begun to balance the gender and cultural gap of representation at galleries and museums. Foundation support for diversity initiatives have had a significant impact through awards for artist fellowships and new scholarship. For those whose work took the form of vessels or studio pottery, a new generation of curators have embraced their work by making connections between practicing contemporary artists and past masterworks in the areas of decorative arts and design.

Inspired by the important work of Judith Butler and Helen Longino, the artists in this show were invited to explore the influence of ‘Nature/Nurture’ within their practice. Their work ranges from more direct interpretations of the natural world, to more abstract notions, such as the construction of gender, and endowed role of women.  “Possibility is not a luxury; it is as crucial as bread.” ― Judith Butler, Undoing Gender, 2004

Seen as a whole, this group of twelve women artists who live and work throughout the USA, is representative of the rising tide of professional opportunities. While significant earnings and advancement gaps remain, a course correction is underway through the increasing number of gender and culturally specific exhibitions. As priorities shift for museum collections, educational public programming and private collectors, these efforts to course-correct are bringing recognition to artists previously overlooked and undervalued and to undocumented legacies. Nature/Nurture seeks to contribute to and further this recognition.

Leslie Ferrin, director Ferrin Contemporary

a group exhibition of twelve contemporary female artists invited to explore the influence of gender and its impact on their practice.

Read the NATURE/NURTURE series

NATURE/NURTURE | Group Show of 12 Women Artists
LESLIE FERRIN | Director Notes | Nature of Nurturing
CRISTINA CORDOVA | Nature/Nurture | PBS Craft in America – Identity
GISELLE HICKS | Tiles & Vessels | Teaching Online in the Time of COVID19

LAUREN MABRY | Nature/Nurture | Cylinders & Flow Blocks
ANINA MAJOR | Nature/Nurture | No Vacancy in Paradise
CRYSTAL MOREY | Nature/Nurture | Museum Acquisitions
KADRI PÄRNAMETS | Nature/Nurture | Small Matters and Roots & Pollinators
LINDA SIKORA | Nature/Nurture | On Nurture: Our Social and Political Spaces
MARA SUPERIOR | Nature/Nurture | Museum Acquisitions
RAE STERN | Nature/Nurture | In Fugue
TRICIA ZIMIC | Nature/Nurture | Sins & Virtues



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The Frick Pittsburgh
7227 Reynolds Street, Pittsburgh

Group show of contemporary artists who are breathing new life into the ceramic medium by reinvigorating age-old motifs, processes, and techniques. In 2017, artists were invited to respond to and produce new works that reference the art, objects, and social history of the collections.

Chris Antemann, Robin Best, Stephen Bowers,Bouke de Vries, Ed Eberle, Evan Hauser, Steven Young Lee, Beth Lipman, Crystal Morey, Kadri Pärnamets, Peter Pincus, Justin Rothshank, Paul Scott, Cindy Sherman, Kate Roberts, Caroline Slotte, Dirk StaschkeMara Superior,and Kurt Weiser.

Click here for more about the exhibition.

 photo: Kurt Weiser


Go Figure
group show at The Clay Penn
511 Penn Avenue, Pittsburgh

Revive, Remix, Respond
The Frick Pittsburgh
7227 Reynolds Street, Pittsburgh
Click here for more about the exhibition.

Click here for more and available works.

Demonstrating Artist

at NCECA Conference
Convention Center Ballroom B
Thursday, March 15, 9am–12pm
Friday, March 16, 1–4pm

“I will demonstrate the construction of a large scale torso through the use of slabs. Utilizing proportional references the building strategy will involve developing individual elements that will later stack into a four- to five-foot-tall piece.” 

solo exhibition at Alfred University Ceramic Art Museum, Alfred, NY

Click here for more and available works.


Revive, Remix, Respond
The Frick Pittsburgh
7227 Reynolds Street, Pittsburgh
Click here for more about the exhibition.

Onview at the Carnegie Museum of Art

Eberle Studios
229 East 9th Ave, Homestead, PA

Click here for more and available works.


Structures of Atmosphere
group show
7800 Susquehanna St (5th floor), PIttsburgh

Revive, Remix, Respond
The Frick Pittsburgh
7227 Reynolds Street, Pittsburgh
Click here for more about the exhibition.


Collaboration Companions
group show at Union Project
801 N. Negley Avenue, PIttsburgh

711 South 21st Street, Pittsburgh

Revive, Remix, Respond
The Frick Pittsburgh
7227 Reynolds Street, Pittsburgh
Click here for more about the exhibition.

Click here for link to available works.


Supermud / Futuremud
group show of Penn State alumni and faculty
Union Project
801 N. Negley Avenue, Pittsburgh
Click here for more about the exhibition.

Click here for more and available works.

at Brew House Association

group show curated by Alexandra Jelleberg and Brad Klem connecting contemporary ceramics and the thriving craft beer movement

RECEPTION: Friday, March 16, 6-10pm
711 South 21st Street, Pittsburgh

Click for more on Brew House Arts.
Click for tickets and more about Growlerfest.

NCECA National Council on Education in the Ceramic Arts, annual conference is in Pittsburgh, PA.  Each year the host city provides collectors and artists the opportunity to see regional museum collections, explore established and pop-up galleries and meet up with colleagues.  The exhibitions of ceramic sculpture and studio pottery are mounted throughout the city and provide an opportunity to survey current trends and discover young artists.

Click for link to exhibition guide.
Click for link to conference program.

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Revive, Remix, Respond at The Frick Pittsburgh

Revive, Remix, Respond at The Frick Pittsburgh

Revive, Remix, Respond: 
Contemporary Ceramic Artists and The Frick Pittsburgh

February 17–May 27, 2018

Revive, Remix, Respond

Showcases contemporary artists who are breathing new life into the ceramic medium by reinvigorating age-old motifs, processes, and techniques. Contemporary ceramicists were invited to respond to and produce new works that reference the art, objects, and social history of the collections at The Frick Pittsburgh, 7227 Reynolds Street, Pittsburgh, PA.

photo: Mara Superior, “Kangxi Period, Qing Dynasty/ A Collection” 2018.

Remix Your Friday Exhibition Preview

Friday, February 16, 5:30-7:30pm

Join us for a happy hour in The Frick Art Museum to celebrate the opening of this exhibition, Be among the first to see this unique exhibition, which features work from established and emerging artists. The evening will also feature gallery talks from exhibition curator Dawn Brean and exhibited artist Beth Lipman (pictured).
Click for more.

photo: Beth Lipman working at John Michael Kohler Arts Center.

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New York Ceramics & Glass Fair 2018

New York Ceramics & Glass Fair 2018

Ferrin Contemporary at the
Jan 18–21, 2018

Kurt Weiser, “Random House (globe)” 2017, porcelain, glaze, china paint, metal, 30 x 14 x 14″.

Chris Antemann

“Revive, Remix, Respond: Contemporary Ceramic Artists
at The NYC&GF and The Frick Pittsburgh”

Organized by Dawn Reid Brean, Associate Curator of Decorative Arts
at The Frick Pittsburgh, and Leslie Ferrin, Director of Ferrin Contemporary.

20 contemporary artists respond to and produce new works
that reference the art, objects and social history of the The Frick’s collections.
Full exhibition at The Frick Pittsburgh:
February 16–May 27, 2018.

“Revive, Remix, Respond:
Contemporary Ceramic Artists at The Frick Pittsburgh”

with Dawn Brean and attending artists
Friday, January 19, 2–3 pm
Click for more.


Bohemian National Hall
(Between 2nd and 3rd Avenues)
321 East 73rd Street
New York, NY 10021


Wed, January 17th | 5–8:30pm

General Admission
Thu–Sat | 11am–7pm
Sun | 11am–4pm
No Admittance Sunday after 3:30pm

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Small Works of Sculpture, Design, and Studio Pottery

Small Works of Sculpture, Design, and Studio Pottery


Browse our eclectic selection of small works by resident and gallery artists and our diverse collection of books and catalogs.
Presenting newly available American studio pottery from private collections and artists studios.

Browse the Shop.

photo: Kadri Parnamets at Ferrin Contemporary, “The Women”


vases and teapots
Browse the Shop.

Pärnamets is a featured artist in
at Ferrin Contemporary
1315 MASS MoCA Way
North Adams, MA
Click to view The Women

Click to view for more work by Pärnamets.


studio pottery, limited-edition and unique works
Also available, Leslie Ferrin’s book, Teapots Transformed.

Browse the Shop.

photo: Jenny Mendes, Teapot


Click to shop.

New work at NY Ceramics & Glass Fair
January 18–22, 2018
Click for ticket.

Pincus: Channeling Josiah Wedgwood
lecture at NYC&GF with Peter Pincus
Friday, January 19, 12pm
Artist Peter Pincus speaks about his research into the Wedgwood Collections at Birmingham Museum of Art and how conversations with curator Anne Forschler of the Birmingham Museum of Art are being incorporated into his new work and teaching.

Click to view more work by Pincus.


brooches, cups, catalogs and a tee shirt from StarWorks
available through the shop
Browse the Shop.

FIGURE-GROUND: Illustrated Sculpture Workshops
January 4–8 and April 8–14, 2018
Click for more.

Click for more work by Isupov.


Growlers by Brad Klem and Growlerfest artists are available for immediate shipment and order.
Browse the Shop.

GROWLERFEST in Pittsburgh
exhibition March 2–29
NCECA Venue Sponsored Exhibition March 1–17
GrowlerFest at the Brewhouse
Click for more & call for entries.


Visit our square shop to purchase available works from private collections, artist archives and resident artists at Project Art.

Browse the Shop.


accepting consignments for spring sales
Click here to send us a message.

Visit our square shop to purchase books and catalogs written by and featuring our artists.
Browse the Shop.

essays by Glen R. Brown, Emily Galusha, Warren MacKenzie, Mark Pharis, Susan Stokes Roberts, Mark Shapiro, and Michael Simon

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THE WOMEN at Ferrin Contemporary

THE WOMEN at Ferrin Contemporary


Ferrin Contemporary presents selected works by women artists whose primary medium is clay. On view in the gallery and online, we introduce new works by emerging and established artists along with masterworks available from private collections and artist archives.

Ferrin Contemporary
1315 MASS MoCA Way, North Adams, MA
through Dec 31, 2017
Click to view exhibition.

Susan Thayer, “Return” teapot, 2016
Click to view more work by Susan Thayer.


Solo Exhibition at Alfred Ceramic Art Museum
Opening February 2018

Cristina Córdova, “Cabeza I con pájaro,” small head, 2017
Click to view more work by Cristina Córdova.


Kardri Pärnamets’ biomorphic forms are a canvas for paintings drawn from art history’s iconic images of women. Currently on view in THE WOMEN at Ferrin Contemporary, North Adams, MA.

The Turkish Bath after Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres, teapot, 2016
Click for more work by Kadri Pärnamets.


Featured in EXPOSED: Heads, Busts, and Nudes
our recent exhibition of figural ceramic sculpture from 1965 to the present featuring masterworks by noted American and British sculptors.

Christy Brown, “Ghost Portrait” 2015, ceramic sculpture.
Click for more Christie Brown.
Click to view EXPOSED catalog.


one of Great Britain’s most well-known figural sculptors

On view in THE WOMEN
Ferrin Contemporary
1315 MASS MoCA Way, North Adams, MA
through December 31, 2017

Claire Curneen, “Mary Magdalene” 2015, ceramic sculpture.
Click for more work by Claire Curneen.
Click to view EXPOSED catalog.


Introducing artist Crystal Morey to be featured in
Revive, Remix, Respond: Contemporary Ceramic Artists at The NY Ceramics & Glass Fair and The Frick Pittsburgh in 2018
Crystal Morey, “Entangled Wonders: Across a Divide” 2017–8, work in progress.
Click for more work by Crystal Morey.


The Margaret Pennington Collection includes works for sale by pioneering female artists Ruth Duckworth, Viola Frey, Elsa Rady, Toshiko Takaezu, and Patti Warashina.

Toshiko Takaezu, “Untitled Form #53” 1990.
Click for more.
View the catalog.


New works by Linda Sikora to be featured at
The New York Ceramics & Glass Fair

Lecture Saturday, January 21, 4:00 pm
“American Studio Pottery — Making of a Movement”
Join Linda Sikora and Mark Shapiro in a conversation about divergent backgrounds, training, and influences as a way to touch on significant themes in postwar North American ceramics. Moderator Adrienne Spinozzi is Assistant Research Curator of American Decorative Arts, The American Wing, at The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Click for lecture info and RSVP.


Visit our square shop to purchase available works by Laura Andreson, Kim Dickey, Karen Karnes, Linda Sikora, Jenny Mendez, Dorothy Hafner, and Kadri Pärnamets.

Linda Sikora, “Cruet Set”, c.1990.
Browse the Shop.


Curators and Artists in Conversation at the
New York Ceramics and Glass Fair
Friday, January 19th

“Revive, Remix, Respond: Contemporary Ceramic Artists”
Dawn Brean with Crystal Morey, 2:00 pm
“Time Travel in the Period Room”
with Elisabeth Agro, Barry Harwood, Sarah Carter; 4:00 pm

Click for tickets and to RSVP.


Women in Ceramics Vol. 45 No. 1
In this issue of Studio Potter: nine essays remembering the life of Karen Karnes, a deep investigation of the legacy of women in wood-firing, several narratives about artists’ personal journeys in clay, artist profiles, and international perspectives.
Click for info on Studio Potter.
Click to request complimentary issue online.

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The Women

The Women

Cristina Córdova, “Encanto” 2017, clay & mixed media drawing on acid-free cardboard, 82 x 60”.


Ferrin Contemporary presents selected works by women artists whose primary medium is clay. On view in the gallery and online, we introduce new works by emerging and established artists along with masterworks available from private collections and artist archives.

ON VIEW at Ferrin Contemporary
1315 MASS MoCA Way, North Adams, MA
through Dec 31, 2017

Click here to view full news item.
Click here to view show online.

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Renwick Alliance: Berkshire Tour in October

Renwick Alliance: Berkshire Tour in October

Mint Museum Founder’s Circle & James Renwick Alliance
A Visual Arts Experience in Western Massachusetts
October 19–22, 2017
curated itinerary focused on studio ceramics and glass for up to 20

If your group (of ten or more) is interested in your own curated tour of the arts in the Berkshires, let us know. We’d love to help you plan.

Sergei Isupov
Sergei Isupov
Josh Simpson
Josh Simpson

Every year, cultural tourism attracts visitors from all corners of the globe to the Berkshires, drawn by the opportunity to experience contemporary art and culture at world-class institutions, including museums, theaters and galleries.

Director Leslie Ferrin of Ferrin Contemporary and Project Art, a specialist in contemporary clay, with the help of Mark Leach, Independent Arts Writer, Museum Consultant, and Founding Director and Chief Curator of the Mint Museum of Craft + Design, will curate a four day/three night tour of Western Massachusetts with a focus on studio ceramics and glass.

Guests will make connections with key people in behind-the-scenes experiences with curators and artists. They will experience the Berkshire’s slow food movement at a range of fabulous dining experiences. Two special meals that include sampling local crafted beers and farm produce will be presented on locally-made tableware. These will take place in the studios of Josh Simpson and at Project Art with Sergei Isupov and resident artists.

Studio visits include:
• artists-in-residence at the studios at MASS MoCA
• various artists working in the Hilltowns of Western Massachusetts
ceramicists: Mark Shapiro and Mara Superior
sculptors: Sergei Isupov and Kadri Pärnamets
visiting artist: Paul Scott
glass artists: Josh Simpson and Wesley Fleming

Click here sign up for the tour.

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Join us in the gallery at Ferrin Contemporary
Connoisseurship: Buy, Sell, Give
on Sunday, July 10, 2016, 3pm
1315 MASS MoCA Way, North Adams, MA
Click here to RSVP.

CLAY IS HOT! — CONNOISSEURSHIP: BUY, SELL, GIVE is a moderated panel discussion among art professionals and collectors presented in the Ferrin Contemporary gallery at 1315 MASS MoCA Way in North Adams, on Sunday, July 10, 2016, from 3:00 to 5:00 p.m. Moderator Leslie Ferrin will lead panelists in a conversation-style discussion and exchange with the audience about issues surrounding changes taking place in and impacts on public and private collections. This event is free and open to the public, but reservations are requested.

Ferrin explained “We are in the midst of ‘The Great De-accession,’ the result of a generation of baby boomer artists and collectors downsizing simultaneously. Starting with the question of what to do ‘when the kids don’t want it,’ those who are in the midst of this dilemma are leading the way and finding successful approaches to shifting of collections, archives, and libraries. In the process, a by-product is the development of a new generation of collectors, curators, and art professionals who are involved in exploring various strategies to build collections and establish legacies for the artwork of the late 20th and early 21st century.“

The panel will address issues especially relevant to those who wish to sell and give and will discuss the challenges of sharing information about their collections. For many who were born before the computer was a commonly used tool, it is daunting to prepare documentation that establishes provenance and insures their legacy in what is now predominantly a digital world. For those who bought (and sold) at the peak of the market, the results from artwork sold at auctions now can be quite surprising as they create first time public records for living artists and establish new, lower values that are subsequently used in appraisals. While sellers are carefully considering their options, buyers are finding collecting in the 21st century increasingly easy due to the level playing field created by the Internet where access to information and markets are readily found with a Google search.

This conversation about how these trends are impacting each of the panelists and their answers to “what to do when the kids don’t want it” will also be available as a video on YouTube.



The panel will consist of Doug Anderson, art collector; Mark Leach, independent curator and author; Suzanne Ramljak, art historian, author, editor, and independent curator; and Emily Zilber, Wornick Curator of Contemporary Decorative Arts, MFA Boston.


Dale and Doug Anderson began collecting studio glass in the middle of the 1970s. This led to an exploration of the Studio Crafts movement as well as Northwest Coast tribal art and Chinese cultural relics. At the turn of the 21st century, Dale began to collect contemporary photography (primarily Chinese) with an eye attuned to subject matter that both attracts and repels viewers. Dale was the primary collector with Doug playing a supporting role as an activist on behalf of artists through his positions on the boards of Creative Glass Center of America and the Art Alliance for Contemporary Glass. As their collection grew and Dale’s interests changed, Doug’s role was to arrange for donations and sales of more than 1,500 works from their collection to 14 museums in the United States and London. Doug and Dale were both members of the Board of Trustees at Pilchuck Glass School for 15 years and co-founded AIDA, the Association of Israel’s Decorative Arts.


A native of Pittsfield, Mark Leach is a contemporary arts curator, author, and consultant. He was formerly the Executive Director of the Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, and was the Founding Director of the Mint Museum of Craft & Design. Mr. Leach is a former trustee of the Art Alliance for Contemporary Glass and the American Craft Council and served on the Advisory Board of the National Council on Education in the Ceramic Arts (NCECA). Leach has served as curator, essayist, and editor throughout his career. He has held curatorial posts in contemporary art in Arkansas, Montana, North Carolina, Wisconsin, and Ohio. He has authored many articles for arts publications and published numerous texts featuring individual artists and craft genres. His book Michael Lucero: Sculpture 1976–1995, established this artist as a leader in the field of figural sculpture.


Suzanne Ramljak, an art historian, writer, and curator, is currently editor of Metalsmith magazine and curator at the American Federation of Arts, New York. Ramljak was formerly editor of Sculpture magazine and of Glass Quarterly, as well as associate editor of American Ceramics. She has authored several books and catalogues, among them Crafting a Legacy: Contemporary American Crafts in the Philadelphia Museum of Art and Unique by Design: Contemporary Jewelry in the Donna Schneier Collection (Metropolitan Museum of Art). Her new book series, Art à la Carte, will launch next year with the first volume, Busted: Contemporary Sculpture Busts. Ramljak has been a contributor to numerous other publications including Objects and Meaning: Readings that Challenge the Norm; Against the Grain: Wood in Contemporary Art, Craft, and Design; and Innovation and Change: Ceramics from Arizona State University. Ramljak has worked in the curatorial departments of the Detroit Institute of Arts, The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, and the University of Michigan Museum of Art. Among the exhibitions she has curated are: “Elie Nadelman: Classical Folk,” “A Disarming Beauty: The Venus de Milo in 20th-Century Art,” and “Seductive Matter.”


Emily Zilber is the first Ronald L. and Anita C. Wornick Curator of Contemporary Decorative Arts at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. She is responsible for the MFA’s contemporary decorative arts program. Prior to joining the MFA, Zilber was Assistant Curator at Cranbrook Art Museum at Cranbrook Academy of Art in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. She has edited and written for numerous publications; speaks regularly on topics related to 20th and 21st century decorative arts, craft, and design; and is a founding member of the Boston-based consortium The Commonwealth of Craft.

Click here to subscribe and hear about upcoming events.

Click here to view or download press release.

Click here to read Leslie Ferrin’s blog post, “What happens when the kids don’t want it.”

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