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Ferrin Contemporary in the news

In this article, C File explores Silverman’s piece entitled “Tirana” in the GLAZED & DIFFUSED exhibition. “The story reminds us of similar public works projects that have attempted to heal the soul of a community.” Click here to read full article.

C File investigates the story behind GLAZED & DIFFUSED. On the topic of ceramics in the art world, Leslie Ferrin said, “What’s happening today is that contemporary ceramics are no longer relegated to mere craft.” Click here to read full article.

“Collecting ceramics has long been sequestered to the worlds of Wedgewood and Worcester, but there’s a new and evolving chapter when it comes to contemporary work….”

Brooke Mason, in an August 2015 edition of Wallpaper, interviews Leslie Ferrin about the impact contemporary ceramics on the art world.

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“In some very essential way, the same heady mixture of keen observation and self-awareness that nourished the spirits of America’s Transcendentalist explorers, artists, and naturalists also defines Walker.” from “Impenetrable Ambiguities, The Illustrated Sculpture of Jason Walker” by Anthony E. Stellaccio in Ceramics Monthly Sept 2013.

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“Through his painted porcelain sculptures, Jason Walker asks us to ponder technology, wilderness, and our place in the world.” from “The Nature of Invention” by Joyce Lovelace in American Craft Magazine Aug-Sept 2012.

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Artsy Magazine Your Daytrip Guide to the Art of the Berkshires
The July 15, 2015 editorial in Artsy Magazine lists the “six stops not to miss” on your art tour of the Berkshires. Among them are FERRIN CONTRMPORARY and CYNTHIA-REEVES galleries.
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Exhibition | “My Blue China: The Colors of Globalization” at Foundation Bernardaud

The July 7, 2015 edition of CFile presented an essay by Laurent de Verneuil, curator of the My Blue China: The Colors of Globalization exhibition at Foundation Bernardaud in Limoges, France (June 11 – Nov. 21). The exhibition assembles 13 international contemporary artists who explore the phenomenon of cultural globalization through blue and white ceramic wares.

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“Fondation d’Entreprise Bernardaud Presents My Blue China Exhibition”
by Sonia Kolesnikov-Jessop, Blouin Art Info May 29, 2015


In their effort to “showcase how much ceramics is used around the world by artists and how creative the medium can be,” the Fondation d’entreprise Bernardaud presents My Blue China in Limoges, France from June to November 2015.

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Read more, see more about “My Blue China” and the featured artists.

Ceramic Top 40 Review

by Anthony Merino in Ceramics Monthly

“Ceramic Top 40: New and Selected Works presents a specific collection of the most innovative artists working with clay. While this casts the exhibition as subjective, it has to be, as no selection of 40 artists could be a true cross section. This does not diminish the overall impact of viewing the show however, as the majority of the work in the exhibition is both unique and engaging.”

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Originally published in June 2015 issue of Ceramics Monthly, pages 56–59. © The American Ceramic Society. Reprinted with permission.

“Sergei Isupov’s Surreal Ceramics Combine Paintings with Sculpture” by Anna Carey in Hi Fructose, The New Contemporary Art Magazine.

“Russian-born artist Sergei Isupov investigates binaries in human relationships — male and female, good and evil, beautiful and grotesque. Using clay as both a material for three-dimensional expression and as a canvas for his illustrations, Isupov capitalizes on all properties of what he finds to be the most open medium. He sculpts human and animal figures, and then adds illustrations in glaze. The paintings diffuse into the clay’s surface, like tattoos on his sculptures’ skin. Taken together, the two- and three-dimensional elements of his work establish a compacted but powerful scene of emotions and narratives.”

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