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Ferrin Contemporary in the news

The Berkshire Eagle
May 14, 2018

Ferrin Contemporary Gallery ‘It’s about some sort of transition or searching’
by John Seven, Eagle Correspondent

NORTH ADAMS — Ceramics sculptor Sergei Isupov is populating the Ferrin Contemporary Gallery with his own personal population.

His show “Directions,” which opened this weekend, features people — individuals and groups — that pull from his own story with the intent of allowing viewers to wrap their own narratives around the gathering.

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Ceramic Arts Daily on Bouke de Vries

“A Mirage of Before: Bouke de Vries” by Anthony Stellaccio

“… passion, compassion, precision, and expertise. These are all qualities that characterize this conservator-turned-sculptor’s own innovative artwork.”

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The Charlotte Observer: Cristina Córdova

Near and Far by Cristina Córdova is worth a drive to Penland” by Mark Leach, correspondent for The Charlotte Observer 

“The human forms Córdova sculpts are powerful, immediately discernible representations. Each is, as are her mixed media drawings, provocative and lovingly intimate: deeply felt portrayals of her subjects.”

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Galerie Magazine: Patriotic Passions & Mara Superior profile

“Patriotic Passions”  by author Suzy Slesin features Superior’s important commission, “The Pursuit of Happiness,” based on the principles of democracy for a prominent New York private collection.

“Mara Superior’s pieces are vessels of memory, powerful forms filled with remembrance of things past. They are commemorative icons expressing a hieratic spiritual quality that calls for ceremonial placement In the environment. The content of the drawings is contemplative and complex, the use of words gives clues to the paradox being explored.” … “Superior’s work is firmly grounded in the ceramic tradition; the ancient Greeks, too, decorated their ceremonial pots with narrative drawings. The fascinating physical beauty of glazed porcelain, with its copper-red blushes and floating cobalt blues, is of central value. They could not exist with the same impact in any other material. They are about ceramic art. The quality and content of the painting conjures memories of illuminated manuscripts and small botanical studies. There is a very personal and idiosyncratic quality in Superior’s work that co-exists with great strength and dignity. A unique freshness emerges from the artist’s almost cloistered, confident, personal vision.” — Angela Fina, American Ceramics Magazine Review

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Cristina Córdova: Involuntary Dialogs

Ceramics Monthly, Feb 2016
by Kathleen Whitney

“For centuries, both painting and sculpture were synonymous with the representation of figures; the earliest images we know are figurative. The foundation of Cristina Córdova’s work lies squarely within this global tradition.”

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Ceramics Monthly Spotlight: Taking Risks

Leslie Ferrin was interviewed by Ceramics Monthly on her long history of working with and supporting artists. She attributes her longevity to her willingness to take risks and change direction.

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