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Mara Superior in “ART FOR DARTMOUTH: CELEBRATING THE 250TH”, August 31, 2019 – January 12, 2020.

Art for Dartmouth: Celebrating the 250th

On view from August 31, 2019 –January 12, 2020.
Hood Museum of Art , Hanover, NH

Dartmouth now has a beautiful structure for displaying art—everything from Japanese netsuke to enormous contemporary paintings look great in our new galleries. With Art for Dartmouth: Celebrating the 250th, the Hood Museum has sought to channel the bounty of goodwill that made the building renovation possible into renewed enthusiasm for the art collection at the heart of the museum. As part of this initiative over the past few years, the Hood Museum has received numerous gifts of true significance to the collection. Many of these will be featured throughout the fall of 2019 to celebrate the continuing passion of Dartmouth for the arts and of our alumni for their beloved college.

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Mara Superior’s “Angelo Da Vendemmia—Castle Vase”, 2002, High-fired porcelain, ceramic oxides, underglaze, glaze. Hood Museum of Art, Dartmouth: Gift of the Kohler Foundation, Inc.; 2019.14.2 “Art for Dartmouth: Celebrating the 250th”, August 31, 2019 –January 12, 2020.



LAUREN MABRY, The Greylock Glass, June 2, 2019

It’s a Painting, It’s a Drawing, It’s a Sculpture, It’s Ceramics, It’s Beautiful–Lauren Mabry: Fused by Sara Farrell Okamura

The Greylock Glass

June 2, 2019


“Through her own determination, experimentation and talent Lauren Mabry is proving there is not delineation between mediums, and not only creates exquisite work, but provides a clarion call to other artists to break loose and take a risk.”

-Sara Farrell Okamura


More info on Lauren Mabry HERE

It’s a Painting, It’s a Drawing, It’s a Sculpture, It’s Ceramics, It’s Beautiful–Lauren Mabry: Fused

by Sara Farrell Okamura

Lauren Mabry, Loopy Cylinder (Blue & Pink no. 3), 2019, red earthenware, slips and glaze, 11 x 14 x 14″.


Leslie Ferrin, The Berkshire Eagle, May 17, 2019

Shaping the exhibition I Ferrin Contemporary Director helps shape artists’ work, clients’ collections
by Jennifer Smith Huberdeau

Berkshire Eagle

May 17, 2019

“The theory was to run the business from the artist’s perspective; to do for artists what I wanted done for me as an artist and wasn’t finding for myself. I think a lot of galleries are run by people who used to be artists, so they have that perspective. It’s a really creative role to be the one who brings the [artist’s] work into the public. You have to understand the artist’s perspective and the public’s perspective and then bring those two things together.”…








Shaping the exhibition I Ferrin Contemporary Director helps shape artists’ work, clients’ collections
by Jennifer Smith Huberdeau, photo credit: Gillian Jones

LAUREN MABRY, Berkshire Eagle, May 3, 2019

Lauren Mabry, “A ‘rising star in the ceramics world'” by Jennifer Huberdeau, Berkshire Eagle, May 3, 2019.

“While most ceramic artist see glaze as the thing that finishes a piece, Lauren Mabry sees it as the centerpiece of her work…”

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A ‘rising star in the ceramics world’ by Jennifer Huberdeau

Lauren, Mabry, “Loopy Cylinder (Black with Purple Ellipse no. 2)” 2018, earthenware, glaze, 9.5 x 11 x11″.

LAUREN MABRY in Arteidolia, May 2019

‘Lauren Mabry’s Inquiries’ by Lyn Horton

May 2019

“The fine line between art and craft is the subject of a dance that has been going on for centuries, either through cultural assessment or in the eyes of artists. Along with that dance is a subsidiary debate regarding form and function. There is no reason to prefer any equation over another in either didactic stream. The key is how each characteristic is actualized: form, function, craft, art. And, in the end, all are one…”

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Ferrin Contemporary, LAUREN MABRY: Fused, 2019, Installation View

Steven Young Lee in the Oregon Artswatch, May 2019

‘Harmony through dissonance’: Steven Young Lee’s ceramic sculptures


May 8th, 2019

“His approach is respectful yet at the same time irreverent, referencing historical traditions and time-honored techniques of glazing and decoration but adding unexpected surprises and a sense of humor to his ceramic sculptures.”


Read More about his Exhibition APEX: Steven Young Lee at the Portland Museum of Art HERE

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Steven Young Lee, “Porcelain Jar with Cloud and Dragon Design in Inlayed Cobalt Blue” (2019). Porcelain, cobalt inlay, glaze

PETER PINCUS in Arteidolia, January 2019

PETER PINCUS’S Finesse by Lyn Horton, January 2019.

‘Pincus is an intense, dedicated master of his craft. His work speaks a restrained yet exuberant enthusiasm for those visual artists and ceramicists who have come before him. This article hinges upon an exhibit, at Ferrin Contemporary in North Adams, MA, entitled “Peter Pincus: Channeling Josiah Wedgwood.”…’

-Lyn Horton


See more of PETER PINCUS’ work here




PETER PINCUS’S Finesse by Lyn Horton, January 2019.

Peter Pincus, “Ewer, c. 1893/2018″ 2018, colored porcelain, 13 x 6 x 5”.



Symposium: The Women That Changed California Clay, January 12th, 2019


A Clay Symposium on January 12th, 2019, from 3-5pm

at the Monterey Museum of Art La Mirada Cultural Center
720 Via Mirada, Monterey, CA

MARTHA DREXLER LYNN PH.D. Curator/Art Historian
CYNTHIA DE BOS Manager of Collections Artists’ Legacy Foundation
LESLIE FERRIN Director of Ferrin Contemporary Gallery
NANCY SELVIN Artist, Professor Ceramics California College of the Arts
NANCY SERVIS Curator/Art Historian

Join the Monterey Museum of Art as we gather an expert panel of artists, curators, scholars, art dealers, and gallerists to discuss how women shaped California ceramics in the second half of the 20th Century. Learn how ceramicists Coille Hooven, Viola Frey, and others forged the way for generations of women in ceramics and glass arts through groundbreak art and feminist activism.


More info on COILLE HOOVEN

EVAN HAUSER and Canary Syndrome on Cfile on November 19, 2018

Evan Hauser & Canary Syndrome

CFile on November 19, 2018

“In Hauser’s Preservation and Use #3, the artist encases a landscape painting by French-American naturalist painter George Hetzel. In his work, perhaps Hauser is attempting to dam-up Hetzel’s river, clogging its serene waters with ubiquitous packing. He similarly plugs-up Yellowstone Falls by Albert Bierstadt and corrals Thomas Moran’s Teton Range. It’s no wonder Hauser used works by Hudson River School painters: aware of the true price of Manifest Destiny, Hudson River School artists began to incorporate this skepticism into their works (Think: Thomas Cole’s The Course of Empire) and can be said to be the country’s first environmentalists…”



See more of EVAN HAUSER’S work here

View images of Canary Syndrome here


BOUKE DE VRIES in the Hartford Courant, October 9, 2018



Oct. 4th- Jan. 6th, 2019

Hartford, CT

“Many of these banquets were held before big battles. At the Duchess of Richmond’s party [which was held in Belgium], Napoleon was advancing. All the men had to leave,” including almost every officer in the army of the Duke of Wellington. De Vries says. “I put the battle on the table. It’s a safer option.”

 — Bouke de Vries

Bouke de Vries is represented by Ferrin Contemporary.
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Sculptor Uses Sugar, Porcelain And Transformers As A Commentary On Warfare

BOUKE DE VRIES– Susan Dunne of the Hartford Courant reviews War & Piece‘s US debut at the Wadsworth Atheneum, in Hartford, CT. On-view through January 6th, 2019.



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