Ceramic Top 40

Ceramic Top 40 | selected works

Gallery 224, Ceramics Program, Office of the Arts at Harvard

Features work by artists on the cutting edge of contemporary ceramics, this exhibition was drawn from the Ceramic Top 40 | 2013 show at Red Star Studios in Kansas City, Missouri.

May 17–June 27, 2014

Gallery 224, Ceramics Program, Office of the Arts at Harvard
224 Western Avenue, Allston, MA

June 11, 2014

2–5:00   Workshop Demonstration by Lauren Mabry
5–6:00   Curator Lecture by Leslie Ferrin
6–8:00   Opening Reception



Red Star Studios, Belger Crane Yard Studios, Kansas City, Missouri

Ceramic artist Sean Erwin was chosen from among the exhibitors of CERAMIC TOP 40 | 2013 for a solo show. “Object, Self,” will feature Erwin’s recent work exploring the complex nature of the human condition by studying personal possessions and their role in the structure of an individual’s psychology.

November 7, 2014 – January 24, 2015.

CERAMIC TOP 40 | 2013

exhibition of artists under and over age 40 currently working in ceramics

November 1 – January 25, 2014

presented by Ferrin Contemporary and Red Star Studios at Belger Crane Yard Studios, Kansas City, Missouri

Ceramic Top 40 | 2013 presents art work by individual artists, collaborators, and design partners – half  over and half under age 40 – drawn from the finalists of juried submissions and by invitation.  These artists are currently working on the cutting edge of current processes, ideas, and presentation concepts in conceptual utilitarian and sculptural ceramics.

The exhibition emerged from the need for a fresh overview of contemporary ceramics. The increased integration of ceramic art and objects in recent exhibitions at museums and contemporary art galleries has increased media attention and awareness of the importance of the medium of clay in our time for this generation of makers and collectors.

This survey of contemporary ceramic art features the work of established masters continuing to break creative ground alongside the next generation of artists who are developing a strong root system of their own at mid career.

CERAMIC TOP 40 ARTISTS  |  Susan Beiner •  Robin Best  •  Stephen Bird  •  Stephen Bowers  •  Jessica Brandl  •  Andy Brayman  •  Beth Cavener  •  Craig Clifford  •  Mark Cooper  •  Cristina Cordova  •  Guy Michael Davis (Future Retrieval)  •  Thomas Lowell  Edwards  •  Michelle  Erickson  •  Sean Erwin  •  Leopold Foulem  •  Alessandro Gallo  •  Misty Gamble  •  Gerit Grimm  •  Rain Harris  •  Giselle Hicks  •  Peter Christian Johnson  •  Brian R. Jones  •  Ryan LaBar  •  Steven Young Lee  •  Linda Lighton  •  Daniel Listwan  •  Roberto Lugo  •  Lauren Mabry • Aya Margulis (Doda Design)  •  Walter McConnell •  Sara Moorhouse  •  Ron Nagle  •  Katie Parker (Future Retrieval)  •  Kate Roberts  •  Stephanie Rozene   •  Anders Ruhwald   •  Michael Schwegmann  •  Paul Scott  •  Richard Shaw  •  Adam Shiverdecker  •  Bobby Silverman  •  Linda Sormin  •  Shawn Spangler  •  Vipoo Srivilasa  (The Spoon Project)  •  Dirk Staschke  •  Rae’ut Stern (Doda Design)  •  Emily Sudd  •  Tip Toland  •  Clare Twomey  •  Shaleene Valenzuela  •  Jason Walker

VIPOO SRIVILASA | THE SPOON PROJECT  |  Liz Burrit  •  Thomas Cheong  •  Naomi Clement  •  Jenn Demke-Lange  •  Jason Desnoyers  •  Krisaya Luenganantakul  •  Laura McKibbon  •  Noriko Masuda  •  Teo Huey Min  •  Jun Myoung  •  Aaron Nelson  •  Joshua Primmer  •  James Seet  •  Vipoo Srivilasa  •  Jenna Stanton

Catalog Available May 2014 – click HERE to order

CERAMIC TOP 40 | Boston May 17 – June 27th, 2014 | selected works from artists in Ceramic Top 40 2013 presented at Office of the Arts Harvard Ceramics