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“Until fairly recently, the term ‘Chinese export ware’ was associated with a one-sided niche art market favored by Western collectors with a penchant for Oriental aesthetics… Industry insiders, however, have been noticing a resurgent interest in this particular genre of ceramics over the past few years.”

“Made in China: Ceramic Exports From Jingdezhen” by Darryl Wee, published in Blouin Art Info, January 2015.

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The New York Times Art & Design   |   Emporiums of the Waggish and Weird, Browsing at Metro Curates and the Ceramics and Glass Fair by 

New York Observer/Culture
“Ceramics Crack the Contemporary Art Market – Breaking the Mold” by Brook Mason.

Few slices of the art market have changed as radically, or, surprisingly, have been taken more seriously, in the past few years as the ever-so-sleepy ceramics and glass sector. … When it comes to contemporary ceramics, some dealers said, there’s a shift going on in terms of validity in the eyes of museums. “Glance back two decades only a handful of museums were incorporating such work in their holdings,” said Massachusetts dealer Leslie Ferrin.”

Mason notes the trend of museums recognizing the validity of ceramic work; Ferrin Contemporary’s Paul Scott has work in over 30 museums world wide.

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“New York Ceramics & Glass Fair 2015” in Past Imperfect: The Art of Inventive Repair by Andrew Baseman

“It was heartening for me to see so many examples of antique and contemporary ceramics with inventive repair in such a prestigious venue. It gives me hope that beauty in imperfection is now being embraced by more artists, dealers and collectors than ever before.”

Baseman remarks on work by Mara Superior, Frances Palmer, and Paul Scott in his January 24th blog entry.

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Video offers another chance to view and enjoy A Clay Bestiary.

A Clay Bestiary, a recent show at the Hunterdon Art Museum in Clinton, New Jersey, brought together a diverse body of ceramic work by contemporary artists. The artists have re-imagined and reinterpreted various members of the animal kingdom; infused them with new concepts, ideas, and messages; and in the process freed each piece from being a literal portrayal.

This video presentation by Bill Ivie of CINEMATIC EYE / CINEMABRIDE takes the viewer on a tour of the entire exhibit. As the camera moves around the works it takes in intimate close-up views and steps back to encompass a broader view — all that you would experience had you been there in person. The film moves at a leisurely pace and is interspersed with limited dialog giving the viewers time to really view each work and form their own reactions before moving on to the next.

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This group show includes the work of Ferrin Contemporary artists Jason WalkerRed Weldon Sandlin, and Sergei Isupov.

Teleri Lloyd-Jones reviews Paul Scott’s exhibition at the Holburne Museum in Bath, England in Crafts magazine Jan–Feb 2015.

“These are the works from the past 15 years of Scott’s practice, in no explicit order, so rather than a developing hand we meet a political voice that’s also a love letter to an aesthetic tradition.”

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Paul Scott is represented by Ferrin Contemporary.

“The New York Ceramics & Glass Fair 2015 at Bohemian National Hall” by Alison Ng in Asian in NY.

“Overall, this year’s Ceramics & Glass Fair holds a wonderful assortment of works.”

Asian in NY/blog features an image of Vipoo Srivilasa’s Patience Flowers from the New York Ceramics & Glass Fair held in January 2015.

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This article, “Porcelain Gets a Modern Makeover in Intense and Fragile” by Dan R. Goddard, ran in the San Antonio Current in December 2014. It includes mention of Ferrin Contemporary artist Giselle Hicks and her work “And Then It Was Still II.”

The exhibition Intense and Fragile: Contemporary Porcelain Sculpture at Russell Hill Rogers Galleries, Southwest School of Art ran from 2014–January 2015.

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