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Congratulations to Cristina Córdova: 2015 USArtists Distinguished Fellow in Crafts

NewsFile | Ceramists Selected for $50k United States Artists Fellows Awards

“At least four artists out of the 37 inducted as United States Artists Fellows this year work in the medium of ceramics… This year’s inductees were chosen from a pool of more than 400 applicants…  The organization states that it has awarded more than $20 million over the lifetime of the program, the idea being to help artists realize new creative opportunities through financial support.”

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Congratulations to Cristina Córdova recently awarded 2015 USA Distinguished Fellow in Crafts.

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“Historical Accommodations” by Hollie Davis and Andrew Richmond
from Maine Antique Digest Oct. 5, 2015

“Several months ago, Robert Hunter, editor of Ceramics in America and photographer extraordinaire, posted a Paul Scott platter on his Facebook page. Scott has ‘a penchant for rescuing cast-offs…[and] using them as a canvas for biting social commentary,'” Click here to read full article.

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C-File 9-23-15
Jason Walker’s Illustrated Surfaces and Forms Reviewed by Anthony Stellaccio

Since his emergence, Walker has remained in the top tier of a group of artists who have defined a sub-genre of ceramic art with expert optical play between illustrated surface and form. The provenance of this prominence began with thrown and slipcast elements assembled into compact objects based on domestic functional forms. Read more, see more…

In this article, C File explores Silverman’s piece entitled “Tirana” in the GLAZED & DIFFUSED exhibition. “The story reminds us of similar public works projects that have attempted to heal the soul of a community.” Click here to read full article.