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C-File: Exhibition | Forms by Peter Pincus See Clay as Canvas in “CeramATTACK”

Bill Rogers reports from St. Louis, Missouri, “New York artist Peter Pincus works in colored porcelain as a way to create “three dimensional paintings” out of pots. How can these visitors between the second and third dimensions enhance one another? How can the form of a vessel aid the painter and vice versa?”

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Kathleen Whitney, in her article “Cristina Córdova: Involuntary Dialogs” in Ceramics Monthly, February 2016 issue, writes, “For centuries, both painting and sculpture were synonymous with the representation of figures; the earliest images we know are figurative. The foundation of Cristina Córdova’s work lies squarely within this global tradition.”

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“Multifaceted” by Sebby Wilson Jacobson, September 2015, American Craft Magazine

Jacobson explores Peter Pincus’s elaborate process, his path to clay, and his motivationto create.
Peter’s work grabs your attention and makes you think, “How the hell did he do that?” But it just sits there and says, “You don’t have to know. Just look at me.” — ceramic sculptor Anne Currier

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Jacobson expanded on Pincus’s detailed and painstaking process of creating vessels with a second article,  “Pincus’s 12 -Step Process.”

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“It is inevitable. As we watch an artist’s work change over time, we also watch the artist’s life unfold.”
In his review, “Family Affair: Isupov and Pärnamets,” Anthony Stellacio brings insight into the work and life of this complex family of accomplished artists.
Ceramics: Art and Perception No. 103 2016
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The exhibit, “FAMILY AFFAIR: Sergei Isupov, Kadri Pärnamets, Roosie Isupov,” was presented by Ferrin Contemporary in its gallery at 1315 MASS MoCA Way, North Adams, MA, in the spring of 2015.
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FireFest, now in its fourth year, is celebrated at STARworks in Star, NC. Each year, it focuses on clay, glass, and metal as they are transformed by intense heat and the hand of the artist. Ferrin Contemporary’s Sergei Isupov is a key player in this year’s festival of fire.

“If all goes according to plan on April 2, a massive, specially designed kiln in this little town 90 minutes east of Charlotte will open like a flower, revealing a 7-foot-tall ceramic sculpture still wreathed in flames.” — Mark Leach, correspondent

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April 1 & 2, 2016
FireFest at STARworks
Star, NC

Video from The New York Times, Art and Design, October 2014.
Dutch artist Bouke de Vries discusses the inspiration behind his work at his West London home and studio.
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By London Sessions Productions

In the New York Times Art and Design section, author Martha Schwendener reviews the 2016 New York Ceramic & Glass Fair. Her article features Ferrin Contemporary and ceramic artist Bouke de Vries.

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Lynn Byrne of Decor Art Now says, “I love this show because it is so intimate and colorful, plus it celebrates the best of old and new wares. Often times the contemporary artists are present to discuss their creations, usually with great passion… “One of my favorite aspects of the New York Ceramics & Glass Fair this year is a special exhibition, entitled Mended Ways.” She features work by Stephen Bowers, Bouke de Vries, and Paul Scott.

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